There’s a story that was largely ignored by the establishment press (an oddity, I know) this past spring which should have been one of the biggest news items of the year. In America these days, the press typically has one reason for ignoring or spiking stories, of course: If it doesn’t fit the narrative of the political left, it isn’t covered.

The particular nature of this one, however, speaks volumes as to why it was glossed over and why the one buried mention mischaracterized the item entirely.

In April and May of this year, citizens of the nation of Iceland essentially overthrew their government, establishing a new constitution and a citizens’ oversight framework intended to check the actions of their government in the future. The impetus for this was a major banking scandal that emerged in 2008 and whose repercussions have carried through to the present. This involved the collapse of all three of the country’s major privately owned commercial banks following their inability to refinance their short-term debt and a run on deposits. It is said to have been one of the worst aspects of the global economic meltdown that had its roots in the machinations of radicals in the U.S., complicit lawmakers and unscrupulous mortgage banking officials.

Now, the Icelandic banking scandal itself did come to light and was widely reported, but the ultimate result – the government being ousted – was not. In fact, a New York Times piece on the uprising (the “buried mention” to which I referred) framed the Icelanders as ingrates for disrespecting the political factions that had graciously navigated them through that turbulent period of time. It also did not cover the Tahrir Square-style demonstrations that gave rise to the subsequent elections.

The reason for a lack of American press coverage of the situation in Iceland is fairly evident. In a time in which we have prominent retired military personnel calling for the forced resignation of the president, his Cabinet and key congressional leaders, and some of the president’s most ardent supporters calling for his recall (though there is no provision for a recall of sitting presidents in the Constitution per se), it is likely that this stemmed from the political left’s wish to avoid giving Americans any ideas.

As support for Barack Obama wanes and forces marshal against him, we are seeing a doubling-down of his efforts and those of his surrogates to divert Americans’ attention from the administration’s crimes and to more vigorously press his collectivist agenda. While many would like to discuss the unconstitutionality of Obamacare and its implementation, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Syria and Obama’s capitulation to the totalitarian Islamist regime of Iran, Obama prefers to engage in debate over “income inequality.” While even this emanates from a Marxist worldview, it at least purports to address the woes of a populace that is still suffering economically.

The rhetoric of prominent leftists in media (politicians, activists press, and entertainment) has also been disturbing, if somewhat amusing at times. As that which is by its very nature progressive – whether implemented by Republicans or Democrats – falls under criticism, those on the left have become more shrill than I ever thought they could. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is Obamacare, the economy, foreign affairs, or abortion, Republicans and “tea party racists” appear to be responsible for it all.

While I realize that most liberals are not out-and-out Marxists like Obama and his minions, it is no less than astonishing that many liberals still purport to lay the blame for 50 years of increasing societal malaise on the right, given that this nation has moved far more toward the left over the last 50 years. Family dysfunction, secularization, economic stultification, moral ambivalence, youth violence and racial tension all have their genesis in progressive policies – and we’re to believe that even more progressive fixes will ameliorate these situations?

Some liberals, in good Orwellian fashion, simply deny the cause and effect, as well as the conditions plainly present before us, in the same manner President Obama and his administration denies that the National Security Agency is engaged in a domestic spying program, that Obamacare is causing Americans financial hardship, that they are seeing higher prices for health insurance coverage, that Americans did die in Benghazi as a direct result of their actions and that Iran is an evil empire that ought not be allowed to enrich so much as one teaspoonful of uranium.

It is plain that the desperate rhetoric of the left is only playing to the least astute, whether it is Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell calling Obamacare “manna from heaven,” Al Sharpton declaring that President Obama is fighting “tougher opposition” than Nelson Mandela did, or Obama telling MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that Republicans are to blame for the problem with the Obamacare rollout – right after asserting that casting blame is not part of his “management style.”

It is plain that support for the president is waning – whether it’s Millennials calling for his recall, Democratic lawmakers stripping away from the Obamamaniac herd, or elements of the press reporting on that which they would not have touched six months ago. Americans now know that Barack Obama is a serial liar, and many are beginning to see that the entire poisonous progressive framework within which he operates is a lie and that the common denominator is the intended enslavement of the American people in one form or another.

American Spring, anyone?

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