The year 2014 could be shaping up as the “year of the slippery slope” – and no, I’m not talking about increased ice and snow in January.

This slippery slope is a long-term threat to America. It’s not climate change but moral change pushed by “LGBT” activists and their supporters in the media and government. The mounting evidence, the handwriting on the wall, could not be clearer if it were a multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad – which would never happen, by the way, because homosexual champions of “tolerance” would make sure it never aired.

During the past year, pro-family prophets warning about moral deterioration were shown to be correct – let me say it again, CORRECT – in their predictions about where destructive pro-homosexual trends are taking us. Here are a few among the many examples:

We Told You So No. 1: Claim: “Homosexuals only want freedom and acceptance.” Truth: Despite this plea, their leaders strangely show none themselves and will use their influence to suppress the constitutional rights of others who simply voice another opinion. Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson declared homosexuality a sin in a GQ interview, and all the forces of pink hell broke loose. GLAAD, the satirically named “Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation,” quickly and viciously defamed Phil, put pressure on the A&E Network and got Phil banned from the show. Now the Robertson family is rallying around their patriarch, and A&E may have shot itself in the foot. Hopefully, “Duck Dynasty” shops for a less hypocritical network and A&E begins to understand the costs of anti-Christian bigotry.

These spiteful incidents are in some ways a gift, however, for those who have eyes to see. It’s more apparent than ever that the unaccountable “gay” lobby is dragging America into a season of tyranny.

We Told You So No. 2: Claim: “Legalizing same-sex marriage would never pave the way to other forms of matrimony like polygamy.” Such warnings have been ridiculed in every fight to undermine man/woman marriage. Truth: Utah Judge Clark Waddoups just handed a victory to the stars of the polygamy-based TV show “Sister Wives,” referencing same-sex marriage as well as the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court Lawrence v. Texas decision decriminalizing sodomy. This man and his four alleged wives were the winning plaintiffs in the court decision that may start the process of polygamy legalization by decriminalizing the practice in Utah.

I won’t begin to cite all the quotes from pro-family leaders who have warned for years that polygamy was the next point of deconstruction, inevitable if homosexual “marriage” became legal. Here’s one example, a cogent comment from Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council: “If, as they claim, it is arbitrary and unjust to limit the gender of one’s marital partner, it is hard to explain why it would not be equally arbitrary and unjust to limit the number of marital partners.” Exactly.

By the way, is the “Sister Wives” show being funded by Muslim interests? Just asking.

We Told You So No. 3: Claim: “Homosexuals are not interested in access to children, and it hurts them terribly to suggest they are enabling corruption, even pedophilia.” Truth: Not only did intense activist pressure engineer the “right” in 2013 for boys to be openly homosexual in the once morally straight Boy Scouts, but groups like the Human Rights Campaign are pitching a global hissy-fit over a new allegedly “anti-gay” Russian law. Russia continues to allow adult homosexuality, so what’s the problem?

This new law bans the promotion of homosexuality to children. Access to children is so important to homosexual activists, in fact, that they are determined to ruin the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, for everyone. And Barack Obama, making in-your-face appointments of open homosexuals to lead the U.S. Olympic team, adds his name to the roster of activists leading kids astray. Which leads us to the next point.

We Told You So No. 4: Claim: “Barack Obama was totally sincere about opposing same-sex marriage and just changed his mind after becoming president. It was never part of his agenda from the beginning.” Truth: Santa Claus actually does come down chimneys, and Bill Clinton really is a faithful husband.

Of course, before Obama received enlightenment, he went ahead and appointed to a key post in the Department of Education probably the most radical, child-targeting homosexual activist he could find, Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN, the youth-endangering Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Jennings thankfully resigned in 2011.

Conservatives have been saying for years that there was a homosexual agenda targeting children. Amazing that it now comes from the highest office in the land.

In 2013, the Obama administration completely outed itself as an official branch of homosexual advocacy, with the State Department and the U.N. delegation arm-twisting reluctant countries to accept “LGBT” behavior. Obama appointed five openly homosexual ambassadors in 2013, including James “Wally” Brewster Jr., who has served as a member of the board of the extreme Human Rights Campaign, to become ambassador to the Dominican Republic, offending many in that tradition-minded nation.

We Told You So No. 5: Claim: “Christian religious freedom is in no danger if homosexual unions become legal.” This is now a quaint myth of the ancient past. Indeed, the body count is piling up, and the phrase “Christian conviction” is taking on an ominous new meaning.

In 2013, “gay” fury deployed non-discrimination policies along with new same-sex “marriage” laws to punish photographers, florists, sportscasters and bakers. Jack Phillips, bakery owner in the Denver area, was told by a judge that he must bake cakes for homosexual couples or be subject to fines. Phillips has said he won’t back down even it means closing his business or going to jail.

What will unchecked homosexual activism throw at America in 2014? Based on last year, the operative warning for the near future is “Duck!”

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