Fast Food Forward, the group organizing the fast-food strikes set for New York City tomorrow, bills itself as a “movement of NYC fast food workers to raise wages and gain rights at work.”

However, WND has found the group is actually a front for the progressive SEIU labor union and is led by paid professionals from the union as well as from the latest incarnation of the controversial ACORN group.

While it has been highly publicized that SEIU – Service Employees International Union – backs the fast-food protests, the new revelation shows its paid employees are actually leading and organizing a major component of the movement.

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Besides directing the New York contingent, Fast Food Forward has been instrumental in fueling the protests scheduled nationwide.

Fast Food Forward’s president and lead organizer is activist Kendall Fells. He has been widely quoted by news media as simply organizing for the fast-food group.

USA Today, for example, reported: “Kendall Fells, a New York City-based organizer for Fast Food Forward, said demonstrations are planned for 100 cities, in addition to the 100 cities where workers will strike.”

The New York Times labeled Fells only as one of Fast Food Forward’s main organizers.

UPI similarly reported Fells is “one of the organizers of Thursday’s strikes.”

Fells, however, is more than just a Fast Food Forward organizer. He has been a paid SEIU organizer since at least 2007.

In 2007, Fells took in $73,129 as an SEIU organizer. In 2008, his SEIU salary increased to $95,913. In 2009, Fells made $100,071 from his SEIU efforts. He made a similar salary in 2010.

In 2011, Fells’ SEIU salary jumped to $120,151. Last year, he took in $111,000 as a New York City coordinator for the SEIU.

Meanwhile, Fast Food Forward’s secretary-treasurer is activist Kevin Doyle.

WND found Doyle has been employed by the SEIU since 2009. He is currently executive vice president of SEIU Local 32BJ.

Fast Food Forward’s vice president is Jonathan Westin.

It turns out Westin doubles as organizing director for New York Communities for Change, the reincarnation of ACORN.

SEIU’s Fells has a history of leading front groups that purport to be independent but are actually part of SEIU.

One of his latest stints was as lead organizer of The group, which stormed the offices of politicians, claims to be a not-for-profit working to “provide Washington, D.C., residents with opportunities to find good-paying jobs that have good benefits and good working conditions.”

In 2012, the Daily Caller reported was incorporated by SEIU. The movement was run from an SEIU office.

Fells’ ThisIsOurDC group worked closely with Occupy DC. The Occupy DC group reportedly was run from a $4,000-per-month office paid for by SEIU.

With research by Brenda J. Elliott.

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