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Fast-food strikes: Recipe for poverty

The latest left-wing idea for increasing wealth and prosperity is to shut down fast-food restaurants in inner cities through worker strikes for wages starting at $15 an hour.

Personally, I don’t care if all the fast-food restaurants in America close down simultaneously.

But these tactics, brought to you by the communist union-thug agitators at the SEIU, is not designed to increase wealth and prosperity. It is specifically designed to inflict more pain and inequality among the lower and middle classes – especially among the group Karl Marx identified as the lumpenproletariat.

The only difference between revolutionary tactics like this today from the past is that the ruling elite actually support ideas like this in America. The man occupying the White House is fully supportive of such actions.

Now let’s look at how this works for the left.

Detroit is officially bankrupt thanks to generations of leftist control. But that’s not enough. Now the left is trying to shut down the few businesses that actually serve the community and provide meager start-up jobs for those who are still motivated to work their way out of poverty.

So workers in fast-food restaurants in Detroit walked off their jobs Thursday and joined SEIU thugs on picket lines in an effort to shut them down for not paying $15 an hour to the least skilled workers in America – workers who are increasingly being replaced by computer tablets.

Had these workers experienced the benefits of taking Economics 101, they might understand how they are being played by people who do not have their interests at heart.

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Working in fast-food restaurants for minimum wage is not a career aspiration – nor should it be. But low-wage jobs like these actually do offer a real service to individuals and society. If there are no low-wage jobs, there is very little opportunity for young people to procure their first employment experience. Already in America today, unemployment among young people is at staggering levels. There are no jobs for them. Would any organization that genuinely wanted to see economic opportunity increase seek to destroy the entry-level jobs?

Why is it that a hard-core communist union, SEIU, would run this show if the goal were more economic opportunity and better wages? The goal is clearly economic dislocation and the end of free-market capitalism.

Detroit is an economic and social basket-case – as are an increasing number of cities and states in America. What Detroit and Chicago and other urban areas need is upward mobility, hope, opportunities for people to escape the ghetto, spiritual awakening, civility. The SEIU wants none of that. Neither does Barack Obama.

America is in an unusual situation historically because those in power are trying, in their own words, to “fundamentally transform” the country.

The ruling elite in government and the culture have been, until very recently, experiencing much success in their mission.

Only recently have more Americans awakened to the reality that they are actually increasing misery – intentionally – as a way to break down the system and throw the country into crisis.

Remember these famous words from Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

We’ve already experienced the “occupy” phenomenon. Now it’s the strikes for a “living wage.” It’s all designed with two goals in mind:

How do I know what people’s motivations are? I know because I was one of them. I know how the game works. I know the language they use. I understand what the goal is and that they are willing to achieve it “by any means necessary” – deception and lies being the No. 1 method.

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