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Inside Cambodia's hidden child brothels

(CNN) Late one night, after dark, we met up with Don Brewster — head of Agape International Missions, an NGO fighting child prostitution — to go behind the scenes at Cambodia’s KTVs: karaoke clubs that are fronts for brothels.

I threw on some jeans and tried to look like a tourist who was up for a kinky kind of tour, with my ersatz “boyfriend”– our cameraman, Scott.

Don drove us first to an out of the way small side street, where there were tiny KTVs operating out in the open like cheap brothels. Girls sat on plastic chairs lining the entrance, all painted up and wearing short skirts, high heels and fake smiles. We walked past a few, stopping to talk for a little while. The girls would stand up, becoming energized and engaged. We crossed the street and approached another one, as if we were sampling the wares at each one.