Is that the sound of a constitutional resurgence?

By Erik Rush

People who know me but who are in other lines of work often comment about how the current political landscape must provide such a wealth of material with regard to political, social and cultural analysis. At times I find it a bit strange; it’s almost as though there’s a tinge of envy to it, like I’m an athlete who gets called in to every game, while they get to sit on the bench.

Sometimes I wish that this was not the case, because the fact that there is so much to address is indicative of the dire straits through which America is currently passing. What truly frustrates is the fact that a lot of the passengers on this proverbial ocean liner are wholly oblivious to the icebergs littering our path and to the slavering, smelly mutineers attempting to intentionally run the ship into them.

Lest I digress entirely: The plethora of grave material, this fodder for my commentary efforts, is also providing the public at large with at least some of the data they need to determine that we are indeed in grave danger. Having made this determination, we shall be able to welcome them – or some of them, at least – to the table with the solution-oriented people.

In the recent past, too few perceived the symptoms of the disease. Now that they are experiencing pain and discomfort, they’re palpitating the affected area to see what might be the matter. Such things as the bevy of political scandals involving the Obama administration, the implosion of the “democratic” Arab Spring and the sluggish economic recovery provided more latent symptoms. The acute symptoms came about through the NSA domestic spying scandal, Obama’s dictatorial measures during the partial government shutdown and, finally, the revelation of his grand deception with regard to Obamacare.

On the one hand, we have that looming monstrosity of Obamacare, which, if one strips away the transient website woes, remains the key vehicle for neutralizing the Constitution once and for all. While only a handful of Americans are yet aware of the truly odious and oppressive provisions contained within Obamacare’s thousands of pages and attendant regulations, of course we have to start somewhere, so the economic and technical shortfalls they are now experiencing can be of great benefit to derailing this obscenity, and hopefully the administration itself.

Then, we have the long-term Islamist threat, which of course President Obama has greatly facilitated through telegraphing weakness in his foreign policy and by insinuating Muslim Brotherhood operatives into our government. Once again, the average American has a ways to go before realizing that there is little separating Islam from Islamism, in that the innocuous and mundane perception of the “peaceful Muslim” we are encouraged to embrace is actually one that has been employed for over a thousand years to soften up societies for the subsequent political mobilization of those we call “radical Islamists.” Still, the rhetoric of Islamists at home and abroad coupled with the president having emboldened them may be enough to engender sufficient suspicion on the part of Americans to precipitate decisive political action.

Finally, we have the wholesale decline of our nation, which quickly becomes apparent to the newly engaged. How could it not? The alienation of our allies, Obama’s suicidal “deal” with Iran, racial tension, the ongoing threats to our economy (which Obamacare only promises to exacerbate), as well as the administration’s apparent contingency for all of the above: telling even more and increasingly preposterous lies with each passing day – all of these are now militating against the president.

Obama’s poll numbers are telling the tale, too; Harvard University’s Institute of Politics poll revealed this week that 52 percent of Millennials aged 18 to 24 said that they would support recalling the president (would that there was a constitutional provision for doing so). This group was instrumental in bringing Obama into office in 2008 and in keeping him there in 2012.

In my role, I’m inclined to think I’m on the right track, especially lately. The far left blogs and websites have gone from attacking my columns occasionally to doing so every week. My blog and social media posts have also become fair game on a daily basis, and there is usually a flame post or two about what I’ve said on my streaming radio show before it is even done airing. Probably owing to the number of people who are awakening to the duplicity and treason of this administration, my detractors among average folk are quickly becoming distilled down to a few Millennials, the brainless and militant homosexuals.

Not to make it all about me; the fact is that all of this speaks to all of our efforts having an effect. Between public opinion turning against the Marxist-in-chief, elements of his own party and the liberal press abandoning him, emerging details relative to long-suppressed scandals and the freshness date on his rhetoric having long since passed, we may yet see a constitutional resurgence in America, whether or not Obama plays the last card in his Marxist deck – that of touching off civil war, of course.

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