Critics of Barack Obama, horrified at his “transformation” of America and particularly his government takeovers of large parts of the U.S. economy, have gone so far as to accuse him  of being a communist or neo-communist. However, those critics are mistaken, contends a conservative talk host and author whose new book “Was Hitler a Leftist?” examines the German dictator’s radical agenda in light of today’s leftist movement in the United States.

His conclusion? Obama is, at least in some ways, more akin to a “national socialist” than a communist.

“I have to be careful saying that,” said Chuck Morse, host of the IRN USA News talk show.

“I’m not suggesting [Obama] is an anti-Semite. I’m not suggesting he’s going to set up a Holocaust. But putting all that stuff aside, when you strip that away from historical Nazism and look at the political philosophy of Nazism, this is very much what Barack Obama is into.”

The book focuses on the evidence that Nazism, contrary to popular belief, is a leftist philosophy, not right-wing. It looks at the “leftist nature” of Nazism, the anti-Semitism of the “left,” the Nazi-Soviet alliance and Nazi-Soviet agents and the Holocaust.

Morse examines elements of National Socialism he sees in Obama’s administration. Those include a national welfare system, nationalization of police forces, a centralized regulation of private businesses, a centralization of power and bureaucracies imposing their own demands on a citizenry.

He also looks at the use of demonization, noting many leftists today don’t say their political opponents merely are wrong but that they want to hurt people. His book notes Hitler’s suspension of the German Constitution. Members of Congress just this week held a hearing in which experts testified Obama has systematically breached the Constitution.

That Nazism was leftist hardly can be argued, he said.

“It was authoritarian, socialist,” he told WND, focusing on a central government that made all the decisions.

A right-leaning regime would have emphasized individual rights and the Judeo-Christian foundation for society, he explained.

The issue is “very relevant” today because of the parallel issues developing.

For instance, a Nazi government today wouldn’t need informers in every neighborhood, it has the National Security Agency’s spy capabilities, he said.

Morse said it’s a concern that the federal government has been purchasing tens of millions of hollow point ammunition, which is illegal in international use, he said. What, he asked, would it be used for?

In his book, he challenges “students of Nazism and of the Nazi Holocaust to integrate the missing link into the otherwise excellent body of work and research that has been done on Hitler and his evil regime.”

He said to do less than a full accounting of the nature of Nazism is “to perform a disservice to the memory of the 6 million Jews murdered and to the slogan ‘never again.'”

Morse admits that his contention is “understandably controversial for left-progressives who feel that their own authoritarian and socialistic tendencies and beliefs might be responsible for Nazism and the Holocaust.”

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“Let’s be clear,” he writes, “Left-progressives today are not responsible for the Holocaust, nor were most well-meaning left-progressives at the time of the Holocaust responsible. Yet, and unquestionably, left-progressivism, as a political philosophy and theory, when enthroned and when holding the reins of absolute power, is largely to blame not only for the Nazi Holocaust but also for most of the programs of Holocaust, Genocide and Democide that have been implemented in the modern era.”

He contends that modern history has borne out the idea that socialism, “which is defined in the dictionary as public ownership of the means of production or state ownership of everything, once it was fully enthroned, has led to loss of freedom and the impoverishment, enslavement, and in many cases the mass murder of the citizens who were unlucky enough to live under its tender ministrations.”

Those who call for a more socialist America, he suggests, are playing with danger.

“Force, deception, subversion and propaganda are the necessary and essential tools of the socialist system because socialism is unnatural to the human condition. Socialism requires a rejection of God, of the spiritual side of existence, of the soul, and of the concept of a divine origin of moral and ethical law. Socialism replaces these concepts with a society that is invented by man. Socialism requires the surrender of the idea that man is uniquely created in the image of God, an idea which carries with it a recognition of the unique and sacred nature of every single human life,” he writes.

“Socialism replaces God as the creator of immutable law with man as master of the world and as the creator of laws that he naively views as serving in his interests. Socialism replaces the virtues of self-interest, love, loyalty, integrity, honor, honesty, family, the right to trade goods and ideas freely, the right to free association and voluntary community, representative government, national sovereignty and, indeed, individual identity itself with measures that the socialist believes will march human society forward in the utopian direction of world collectivism and absolute equality which is viewed by the Socialist as the ultimate virtue.”

Morse previously wrote “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler & Haj Amin al-Husseini.” His other titles include “Islamo-Communism: The Communist Connection to Islamic Terrorism,” “ACORN – The Takeover of America,” “The Monkey Trial – Evolutionary politics in the post-Traditional Age” and “American Testament – The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution: Keys to America’s future.”

Morse explains that Nazism was “a leftist Third Way movement that emerged at the end of World War I in Germany and in German speaking countries and regions.”

“The Nazis determined that Germany, like Italy, was also not yet ready for totalistic communism. Several historic political and social factors that made this the case are worth examining. Nazism found its roots in the Volkish movement which developed as an offshoot of the Napoleonic enlightenment of the early 19th Century. This was a movement that would be analogous to the New Age or the back to earth movement that influenced the 1960s counter-culture, movements that could be viewed in many ways as containing elements of a post-war Nazi resurgence.”

He writes that Hitler personally adopted many leftist positions that also appear today, including a vegetarian diet, opposition to smoking and a veneration of organic food. He suggests Hitler could have been described as an environmentalist.

“He venerated youth and promoted youth camps and the importance of strong and healthy bodies. Young people, college students, nature enthusiasts, these demographics made up the core constituency of the Nazi Party,” he writes.

“Hitler was ambiguous and non-judgmental when it came to personal morality and the great moral questions, he believed that guns should be banned from private ownership, he supported abortion for those who he considered to be of inferior races which was a classic liberal position in his day and which was the case with such liberal lights as Margaret Sanger and the Rockefeller family and he was a population control advocate. Hitler and the Nazis were all about the socialist nanny state in which government controlled redistributionist welfare, nationalized public education and a nationalized system of healthcare.”

He also noted that among Hitler’s themes were the now-familiar “hope” and “change.”

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