On Nov. 27, National Public Radio ran a story entitled “Conservative Groups Would Take Hit From New IRS Rules,” citing that new Internal Revenue Service rules “aimed at clarifying what constitutes political activity for tax-exempt” organizations were likely to affect conservative groups more than their liberal counterparts. This move comes on the heels of the now-infamous scandal in which the IRS illegally targeted conservative nonprofits during the 2012 election cycle.

While the actions of the IRS in 2012 are still being spun by President Obama as a “screw up” (his words), even the establishment press acknowledges that it was an organized, deliberate effort that came from the top down. It is also widely accepted among conservatives that these policies were intended to stultify the political activity of conservatives in their efforts, which it did succeed in doing.

As the reader may also recall, Lois Lerner, the former senior IRS official at the center of the decision to target tea-party groups for onerous tax scrutiny, personally and retroactively green-lighted a 501(c)3 application for Malik Obama, the president’s half-brother (if one buys the narrative of his origins), a bundler for the Muslim Brotherhood. This despite the fact that Obama’s organization had been operating in violation of the law over the previous two years.

So how is it that the administration has the gall to promulgate yet more burdensome IRS regulation of nonprofits that is likely to affect principally conservative groups with the body of the last IRS scandal not yet cold?

I answered this earlier: Obama doesn’t care. Even as his presidency crumbles, he is still operating as though he believes he can get away with absolutely anything. Further, as in other areas, he is doubling-down his efforts in the face of political opposition, a modality in which he has operated throughout.

Will this lead to or accelerate Obama’s downfall? I certainly hope so. Still, I would be grossly negligent if I failed to mention other existing threats to the republic and to the American people. If the overt criminality of President Obama and his administration aren’t enough to get your teeth gnashing, the smarmy arrogance of certain Republican lawmakers is likely to do so.

The recent budget deal brokered by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., has been lauded as a groundbreaking bipartisan achievement considering the present political climate, but it was condemned by conservatives as “selling out” by the GOP leadership, particularly in the area of increased spending whilst slashing veterans’ and military retirement benefits. Although I’ve indicated that we are going to have to put up with such “business as usual” nonsense until definitive action is taken by the American people to unsettle these entrenched elites, the subsequent scolding conservative Americans received from House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, was at once audacious, cavalier – and unforgivable. This passive-aggressive hypocrisy (wherein GOP leaders talk tough to their own whilst knuckling under to the political opposition) is indicative of their abject cowardice and lack of honor.

To countenance such basic (not to mention legally binding) provisions as benefits to veterans and our military being cast aside in favor of the billions wasted by government on a monthly basis, from military aid to terrorists to multimillion-dollar jaunts for government parasites to entitlement payments and tax refunds to illegal aliens, proves that the Republican leadership are essentially irredeemable.

I find it ironic that the actions that inflame the hatred of those in other nations for America weren’t brought about by average Americans, nor were the economic conditions that have led to our incremental political and economic disenfranchisement. Yet, we are the ones who are paying for this. Not the elites, nor the recipients of the government’s largesse – it is the millions of working, law-abiding Americans who are suffering the most under this oligarchy, and who are being groomed for even more misery, abuse and pain.

It was the policy-makers who manifested all of this, and it is they who should pay the price. We should all be grateful that the Obama administration is meeting its comeuppance in many areas – but this is not enough. The Americans who are waking up must necessarily see the big picture, and it is our duty to show it to them.

“Lady Liberty” is of course a nickname for the Statue of Liberty, which resides in New York Harbor. As an analogue for America, Lady Liberty is clearly in an abusive relationship, whether we’re discussing the Obama administration, radicals and globalists in the Democrat Party, or faux conservative Republicans running interference for both.

The deceit of the ones who claim duty and dedication yet abuse her at every turn must end, as must her belief that the perpetrators will somehow, someday change their behavior on their own.

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