The strange death of Miriam Carey

By Joseph Farah

Miriam Carey

It has been exactly two months since Miriam Carey, a young, single, unarmed black mother and dental hygienist from Connecticut, was gunned down in the streets of Washington, D.C., after driving her black Infiniti into a security post near a White House entrance and leading police on a chase to the U.S. Capitol.

Shots were fired at Carey near the White House barrier at 15th and Pennsylvania Avenue, according to police. And she was killed in a hail of police gunfire after she apparently brought her car to a halt on the 100 block of Maryland Avenue NE – posing no apparent danger to anyone. Witnesses said police also fired shots at Carey on Constitution Avenue near the Hart Senate Office Building.

Yet, we still don’t know how many shots were fired at Carey Oct. 3. We don’t know how many shots hit her. And all video of the final incident have mysteriously disappeared from the Internet.

The Secret Service, the Capitol Hill Police and the Washington Metro Police were all involved in the incident.

Carey’s 14-month old baby was in her car at the time, and press reports suggest the mother was suffering from post-partum depression.

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For an incident that paralyzed Washington for hours two months ago, we know little more about what actually happened and why a young, single, unarmed black mother was killed by police. WND has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the forensics report that has yielded no results.

An attorney hired by Carey’s family, Eric Sanders, asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the incident. Immediately after he did, he was arrested at his Long Island home for allegedly failing to pay off court settlements in an unrelated case dating back to 2005.

What the heck is going on here?

As far as I can tell, Miriam Carey did little more than make a wrong turn and bump a security barrier near the White House. She may have been disoriented, a symptom of post-partum depression, when she had guns pointed at her by law-enforcement officials. Imagine the fright a young mother would feel when cops point their guns – and fire them – at your car when your 14-month-old baby is in the backseat.

What possible justification was there for killing Miriam Carey? Why couldn’t she be subdued, arrested and tried for whatever laws she may have violated? Why was she apparently executed in cold blood by armed officers of at least three law-enforcement agencies? Why has there been no satisfactory public explanation of what transpired that day? And where is the public outcry over the seemingly senseless murder of Miriam Carey?

Let’s talk about the video.

We live in a surveillance society. Nowhere are the cameras more prevalent than Washington, D.C. There is video of Carey’s approach to the White House gate. There is video of the chase that led to her death. But where is the video of the final scene when Carey emerges from her vehicle and is shot down?

Does anyone else think it is strange – and a little mysterious – that no video is publicly available despite the heavy presence of media on the ground, police helicopters, surveillance cameras, etc.?

Does anyone believe video of those final moments just doesn’t exist?

And what about the forensics report?

Why has it not been released two months after the incident?

Is anyone besides WND demanding it?

Why so little curiosity about what, from my perspective, seems to be an outrageous misuse of police firepower?

Miriam Carey’s family and friends have suggested she had delusions that Barack Obama was stalking her.

Yet, the tragic irony is that she ultimately fell victim to a police-state mentality Barack Obama helped foster in the capital city.

It’s time for the Secret Service, the Capitol Hill Police and the Washington Metro Police to come clean on the death of Miriam Carey.

It’s time for the public to demand it.

It’s time for Barack Obama and Eric Holder to order it.

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