Obama to be ‘president’ even when term ends

By Kathy Shaidle

Will President Obama be treated as if he’s still running America even after his term expires?

The answer is a guaranteed yes, according to Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s most-listened-to radio broadcaster.

Obama’s announcement that he plans to continue to reside in Washington, D.C., when his term ends was mostly ignored during the Christmas news cycle.

But Limbaugh heard the statement loud and clear, and offered his listeners Tuesday his opinion about Obama’s unusual decision.

“Most presidents go back home,” Limbaugh pointed out.

George Washington set the pattern, by pointedly imitating the Roman statesman Cincinnatus’ quiet return to his humble farm after serving in public office.

“Now Obama’s home is Hawaii or Chicago,” Limbaugh continued. “I fully expected Obama and Michelle to set up the Barack Obama Library of Social Justice at the University of Hawaii or something and go back there, and they may very well do that.

“But Obama says he is going to stay in Washington. Can you guess why that might be?”

Limbaugh speculated Obama wants to “stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound.”

As an example, Limbaugh said if a Republican is elected in 2016 and says certain aspects of Obamacare were sought to be dismantled, “Obama is going to call the media, and he’s going to go on TV as though he’s still president, and the media will treat him that way.

“He is going to stay there to make sure that whatever he’s done to remake this country is not changed, is not unwound,” Limbaugh added.

“I guarantee you folks, even after he’s out of office, he is going to be treated by the media as though he’s still president. And this may be the case even with a Democrat president [in office then]. Whatever the next president does, the media is going to go to Obama every day.”

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The radio host noted that by staying in the public eye, Bill Clinton had already “blown up a number of time-honored traditions involving the presidency, one of which is: When you’re time is up, you go. You don’t comment on your successor.”

“I’m here to tell you that within days of the new president’s inauguration, [Obama] will be calling press conferences, and whatever he thinks is going to be the news that day. There is no other reason to stay” in Washington, he said.

Limbaugh warned his audience to “prepare” for this eventuality, which will pose a particular challenge on the new president, no matter what party he or she belongs to.

“Do not doubt me on this,” Limbaugh concluded. “I know these people. I know how they think. … [Obama will] have a satellite administration in exile.”

Additional reporting by Joe Kovacs.

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