Obama’s perfect crisis

By David Kupelian

  • “Nothing has done more to undermine our economy these past three years than the kind of tactics that create these manufactured crises.” – President Barack Obama, accusing congressional Republicans of intentionally fomenting chaos to advance their radical agenda
  •  “Despite its shortcomings, this budget is a step in the right direction to avert another manufactured crisis.” – Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-Calif.
  • “Voting against this proposal is ultimately a vote in favor of shutting down the government and allowing our economy to again be subjected to a manufactured crisis.” – Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa
  • “The bipartisan budget agreement isn’t perfect, but it is progress that will help break this destructive pattern of drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next.” – Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc.
  • “While this agreement is not perfect, it is a step in the right direction in preventing manufactured budget crises that has plagued Congress for the last several years.” – Rep. Albio, D-N.J.

One thing about Democrat politicians – they stick to their leadership’s talking points. And these days, the party script says Republicans have been busy manufacturing crisis after crisis to move forward their radical agenda, like shutting down the government and denying poor people health care.

The irony is total.

After all, in the great “shutdown showdown” crisis of late 2013, congressional Republicans proposed funding everything in the entire federal government – everything, that is, except the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. As a desperate stopgap, the GOP was even willing to settle for just delaying Obamacare’s individual mandate for a year.

No deal, replied Obama and the Democrats. Give us a “clean CR” (continuing resolution) – meaning, no negotiating with Republicans on any front. Give us everything we want, authorize funding for the entire government, including Obamacare, or we shut it down – and our allies in the media will blame you.

And so, the Democrats got their way and Obamacare was launched, leading directly to the largest manufactured crisis in modern American history, with millions of people – up to 100 million in 2014, astonished experts warn – losing their health insurance after being endlessly promised otherwise.

Let this sink in: Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz – for trying to prevent what everyone (including many Democrats) now openly admit is a gargantuan national health-care crisis manufactured entirely by Democrats – are accused by Democrats of “manufacturing crises.”

Psychologists have a term for this nasty personality quirk of accusing others of the evil you do. It’s called “projection” and is defined as “a defense mechanism that involves taking your own unacceptable qualities, feelings or actions and ascribing them to other people.” Also, “a way to transfer guilt for your own thoughts, emotions and actions onto another as a way of not admitting your guilt to yourself.”

Manufactured in Washington

Meanwhile, back at the White House, it’s a tough time for President Obama.

The magic is over. Gone are the swooning crowds and fainting admirers of yesteryear, the almost hypnotic adoration of the Stepford media, the childlike hope of millions that “the One” would transform this nation – for which they inexplicably harbor so much bitterness – into a perfect utopia of “equality” and “social justice” (code words for big-time wealth redistribution).

Yes, the messianic trance is broken. And in its place, front and center, is awareness of Obama’s personal and tangible betrayal of millions of Americans.

Today, polls show that even once-enthusiastic Obama supporters are dismayed at having been knowingly and repeatedly lied to. Not only can’t they keep their health insurance “if they like it,” they can’t keep their doctor, can’t keep their hospital, can’t even – in some cases – keep their medicine! Likewise it turns out, as prominent Democrats now belatedly admit, government “death panels” (by whatever name) were always understood by Obamacare’s creators as an absolutely essential component of a socialized scheme dependent on centralized rationing.

In sum, Team Obama stands exposed as having relied on massive lies, bribery and fraud to engineer the intentional destruction of the greatest health-care delivery system in world history.

While health care has dominated center stage, other Obama-era scandals litter the D.C. political landscape like wreckage from a 50-car pile-up.

According to top retired generals and other senior officers, the current commander in chief is waging a war of sorts against the U.S. military. The attack is playing out on multiple battle fronts, including the firing of close to 200 senior officers during Obama’s first five years in office – nine generals in 2013 alone. Some retired generals are openly calling it a “purge.” Add to that the promotion of open homosexuality, women in front-line combat, suicidal rules of engagement, unwinnable counterinsurgency strategies and, to top it off, increasing official antipathy toward God and Christianity, and you have a military in serious crisis. All manufactured in Washington – by Democrats.

There’s much more: America under Obama has no coherent foreign policy, resulting in this nation’s precipitous loss of power, influence and respect worldwide. Likewise, our national economy is being so abused by government borrowing and ill-considered Federal Reserve monetary intervention that the world is close to abandoning the dollar as its reserve currency – a huge loss to America with grave, if yet unseen, ramifications. And of course, many government agencies are drowning in their own Obama-era scandals – from the Justice Department to the Internal Revenue Service to the National Security Agency to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The good news is that the great illusion is evaporating. Nobody gets a “thrill up their leg” anymore when Obama speaks (except Chris Matthews). Few Obama “true believers” remain. Mistrust is high. Just as in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” America’s would-be monarch is now widely seen as he really is – a charismatic but immature, narcissistic and shockingly deceitful far-left agitator who somehow ended up in the White House.

The next play

So, what’s the administration’s next move? Remember, Obama still has three more years as leader of the free world.

Let’s make a complicated subject very simple.

Obama at this point has only one way forward: Crises. Lots of crises.

After all, Barack Obama is wholly committed to ever-expanding government, and government expands through crisis.

Consider what would happen if, magically, there were no major societal crises in America today, and if most citizens – as has been the case in some earlier eras – were content, family-oriented, free and grateful for the blessings of living in this uniquely blessed country. Obama and his agenda would be seen for what they really are, and he would be swiftly and surely impeached by the House of Representatives, convicted by the Senate and removed from office.

But if people continue to be confused, intimidated and upset over constant crises and the accompanying left-wing demagoguery and demonization of conservatives – as they have for five years – Obama can likely make it through the remainder of his second term handily, with his destructive “transformational” policies intact.

What if Obama’s popularity continues to tank? He’ll just recede into his protective White House “bubble” and rule his kingdom from the Oval Office. He’ll largely bypass Congress – nothing new there – and, with the enormous powers of the presidency (both constitutional and otherwise), will use executive orders, bureaucratic edicts, executive-department regulations and all other means at his disposal to single-handedly shape U.S. law and policy. The D.C. courts he is currently packing with liberal ideological clones will serve as his legal backstop when his unconstitutional policies are challenged.

But to rule like a dictator from his White House inner sanctum, and to succeed in moving the progressive agenda continually forward, one more thing is necessary: Obama needs crises. Otherwise, the spell of deception tends to break and too many people wake up and complain … and vote.

Therefore, 2014 could be called “the year of manufactured crises.”

The No. 1 crisis of the year, at least for now, is Obamacare, which after all is essentially a huge, completely manufactured national disaster.

Looking forward, though, here’s what could happen to health care during the remainder of Obama’s presidency, so watch for it:

Obama and his team may push to resolve the insurance crisis they have strategically created by “transitioning” America into “single payer” – a bloodless euphemism for full-bore socialism, where the federal government literally controls everyone’s health care and, therefore, their very lives. Good-bye freedom.

To accomplish this, Team Obama would need to: 1) destroy America’s private insurance industry, which it is currently attempting, 2) declare the hybrid Obamacare system (a cross between free-market and socialized medicine) a failure due to Republican sabotage and insurance companies’ greed and intransigence and 3) decree that, with no way back to a functional private insurance sector, and with Americans in total crisis regarding health care, the only sensible solution is for America to “join the rest of the civilized world, including Britain, Canada and Europe, and make health care a universal right and part of the government’s compact with her people.”

Remember, “single-payer” is what Obama and Democrat leaders have long claimed – publicly – as their real goal.

However, you can’t get there from here without constantly creating crises as springboards. In this case, Obamacare, which was packaged and gift-wrapped as the solution to the flaws in America’s health-care system, is actually a crisis-causing “transition” stage between free-market health care and a socialist state.

The failure of Obamacare, as Charles Krauthammer has put it, would inflict “a decade of damage to Obama-style liberalism.” But these are committed leftist radicals we’re talking about, and they’re not going to let that happen if they have another play – and the only play they have left in their playbook is nonstop crises.

Lurching from crisis to crisis

When Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010, the nation was agitated. Most voters didn’t want the law, and no one – most notably Congress – had even read it or knew what was in it. No Republicans voted for it, and Senate Democrats amassed barely enough votes only by bribing key members. With all that discontent brewing, what did Obama do next?

Immediately after signing Obamacare into law, to everybody’s dismay, the president launched full-force into a campaign to get a new Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty signed with Russia.

Like, what?

Why would a new missile treaty with Russia suddenly be important at that particular time? Nobody knew. It was a mystery to the entire world; only the commander in chief understood the treaty’s critical strategic importance.

A few days later, on April 8, 2010, Obama traveled to Prague amid great fanfare and signed the so-called “New START Treaty” with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

The treaty served no good purpose for America and, indeed, is regarded by many as weakening this nation’s security and defense capability. But it succeeded in taking people’s minds off the unseemly and probably illegal health-care vote, it made the president look like he was doing something great and important on the world stage, and it forced the news media to cover something else besides Obamacare.

That was the treaty’s great strategic purpose.

Likewise, just recently, to again take people’s minds (and media attention) off Obamacare’s endless bad press, Obama suddenly announced a major new top-level preoccupation with – global warming!

You remember global warming – the theory that man’s environmental irresponsibility is causing the earth’s surface to warm, leading to the rising of the oceans, melting of polar icecaps, drowning of polar bears and all manner of weather nightmares and dangers to the entire planet.

Never mind that the earth is setting record cold temperatures. Last month Cairo had its first snow in 100 years, Oregon reached its coldest temperature in four decades, Chicago saw its coldest days ever, and – to add finality to the trend – Antarctica reached the coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on earth.

The earth has not warmed for the last 15 years, a fact confirmed in a comprehensive report leaked to the press this past September. That report was the result of six years’ work by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, touted as the world authority on climate change and its supposed causes. It turns out the world’s top climate scientists were so flummoxed at the lack of evidence supporting man-caused global warming that, as Britain’s Mail Online reported, they “were told to ‘cover up’ the fact that the earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years.”

But for Obama, obsessing over “climate change” (ironically, meeting with his new global warming task force while a snowstorm shut down the federal government) is more than just a way of changing the subject and diverting attention from Obamacare. Global warming is, itself, another huge manufactured crisis, its real purpose being massive worldwide wealth distribution under the United Nations.

Christopher Monckton, who advised the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on issues including global warming, says “the sole purpose of the climate scam, as the U.N. [sees] it, [is] to serve as a Trojan horse allowing it to achieve its long-held ambition of destroying national sovereignty and transferring all real political power to itself.”

“If America stands firm for just a few more years,” he added, “until it becomes obvious to all that the mad scientists were more concerned with grants than with truth, we may yet prevent the world government that Mr. Ban [Ki-moon, U.N. secretary-general] longs for.”

In other words, according to critics like Monckton, global warming – or “climate change” as it’s been renamed because of so much cold weather – is really all about redistribution of wealth and power.

Transforming Americans

Although constant chaos is how Obama misdirects the public and the press, motivates his base, demonizes opponents and sets the stage for progressive “solutions” to problems government has caused, there’s one paramount aspect of ruling-by-crisis that most analysts overlook:

Creating and exploiting crises is not just a means of transforming America. It’s a means of transforming Americans.

An essential part of Obama’s attempted reimagining of America is keeping everyone upset, angry and off balance. So, when his administration attacks states that pass commonsense “voter ID” laws, or mandates that religious institutions violate their own faith by providing abortifacients and contraceptives to employees as part of their insurance coverage, more mischief is at work than meets the eye.

Sure, the administration wants to win the fight at hand (striking down voter ID laws allows more vote fraud by Democrat voters, and forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptives enforces secular values over sacred ones). But the battle is simultaneously being waged on another plane: Every time the government creates another “crisis,” it promotes and enlarges the societal stress, the emotional instability, the cultural anxiety, the brooding anger, uncertainty, dread and growing national self-doubt that allow progressive change to take root in the confused and battered public mind.

Each time Obama lies (which is most of the time), he is creating a mini-crisis. Every time he unjustly blames conservatives or the tea party for America’s woes, he creates a mini-crisis – something for people to react to, to get upset over, something to waste their time and energy and raise their blood pressure.

Therefore, manufactured crises accomplish much more than just keeping us distracted and misdirected. On a deeper personal level, constant crises have the potential to keep us upset, drained, enervated, emotional, fearful, intimidated, frustrated and angry. We don’t even want to listen to the news anymore because it is so upsetting. Moreover, in such a state, we cannot fight back effectively. For while anger and rage may feel like strength, that is an illusion. Strength flows from calmness and courage, rooted in faith, in the face of adversity – not from anger and rage.

Remember this: Obama and his team want you to be frustrated and resentful. They will wear you out and steal your strength that way. Think about it.

Look at today’s health statistics: America is becoming increasingly angry, confused, depressed, sick, conflicted, addicted, suicidal, faithless and hopeless. The kind of stress and pressure the Obama left intentionally inflicts on the rest of America is designed to “transform” us, yes, but by first breaking us, body, mind and spirit.

Friends, this is a spiritual war, and goes way beyond matters of law, politics and policy. That’s why constant crisis is literally the fabric – the warp and weft – of Barack Obama’s “transformational” presidency.

The ultimate crisis

A final warning: There is one perfect crisis for Obama and the entire progressive left, one event that would serve as the ultimate validation of all their delusions, fantasies and projections, something that would validate every prejudice, lie, unworkable idea and failed policy they espouse.

The one event that would be Barack Obama’s grand-slam homerun would be if, in response to the ever-increasing outrages and provocations of the left, someone on “the right” becomes unhinged and goes violent in a big way.

That terrible event would constitute the perfect answer to all Obama’s problems, the fulfillment of the left’s fondest dreams. Haven’t you wondered why the liberal media are always painting the tea party as racist without a shred of evidence, and are always hoping out loud that every new terror act or school shooting was perpetrated by a conservative? Didn’t you see how the media fell over one another trying to portray – ridiculously and incorrectly – the Boston Marathon-bombing Tsarnaev brothers as right-wingers, and how ABC News reported – ridiculously and incorrectly – that the Aurora, Colo., movie theater mass shooter might be a tea-party member, and how the Department of Homeland Security painted pro-lifers, constitutionalists, libertarians, NRA members and returning war veterans as potential “right-wing extremists” and terrorists?

Why do they do this? Because, in their imaginations at least, violence on the right would validate their narrative. Worse, it would finally seem to justify and even necessitate Obama’s violations of Americans’ core liberties – gun control and confiscation, censorship of conservative news and talk radio as “hate speech,” the growing police state, advanced surveillance state and so on. All would be seen as necessary restraints against all those conservative terrorists out there.

Of course, in the turmoil (and secret left-wing revelry) over a major “right-wing terror attack,” forgotten and irrelevant would be the fact that you – and tens of millions like you – are being forced to obtain new and much more expensive health-care insurance. After all, we’re under attack by right-wing extremists!

It’s the perfect crisis.

On a more personal note, here’s something to keep in mind during these difficult times: When you’re upset and angry, you can be negatively transformed in many different ways. When you’re not upset and angry – when you’re cool, calm, collected, centered, thinking clearly, cheerful, confident and full of faith – you’re invulnerable to being transformed from the outside, no matter what happens. Instead, being faithful to God, you are being transformed from within, and what’s more, you will tend to quietly transform (influence) – for the good – everybody with whom you come into contact.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” – Romans 12:2

The preceding is reprinted from the January 2014 issue of Whistleblower, WND’s acclaimed monthly magazine edited by David Kupelian. Find out more about Whistleblower.

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