Our teenage daughters and I will be taking a four-hour course in the near future entitled “Refuse to Be a Victim.” It’s a crime-prevention seminar designed for women by the NRA that teaches “common-sense crime prevention strategies. … Participants will better understand criminal thinking and will be provided tips on maximizing home, travel, automobile, telephone, technological, and personal safety.”

Since our older daughter is now 18 and will soon be launching herself out into the world, I thought this would be a timely class. It does not require the use of firearms; rather, it emphasizes awareness of one’s surroundings and how to respond to dangerous situations.

Hopefully, this class will reduce the chances of us being the victims of crime. But what happens when Americans as a whole become victims? What happens when we cannot even recognize criminal behavior and victimhood when it happens?

Everywhere, it seems, Americans are being trained to be victims. We are being intentionally discouraged from ever defending ourselves physically, mentally, verbally, emotionally, or politically.

How is this being done? One of the main tools is political correctness.

Far from being a serene and benevolent force, political correctness means “agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.” The concept viciously holds us hostage. We can no longer express our First Amendment rights (within the bounds of good taste or liable, of course) because even the mildest opinion is dismissed as racism, sexism, or some other “ism” to the point of verbal paralysis. This verbal paralysis can lead to all sorts of other types of paralysis, including political.

Political correctness as a tool for control and has been seized with enthusiasm by our government. Everyone is so frightened of giving offense that they hold back from saying anything, from getting involved, from defending themselves (verbally or physically). PC guidelines are no longer merely suggestions. They have become law and have bled into violations of our God-given and constitutional rights.

Public schools are at the root of this New Victimhood, because it is there that political correctness has become the new gospel. In the name of PC, children are no longer taught their political, social, or religious heritage. Amazingly, kids can now emerge from 12 years of compulsory education without ever once reading the documents upon which America was founded. The Bill of Rights, in particular, is treated with contempt. Thus our young adults graduate without any understanding that these documents were put in place to prevent us from becoming victims.

Schools teach a rabid fear of firearms in the hands of private citizens. Children are told that bullies have the right to beat them up. Kids are punished for defending themselves against attackers. Students’ opinions (particularly concerning such hot topics as religion or abortion) are not permitted unless they toe the politically correct line. Dissenting opinions are not only discouraged, but are often actively punished.

Schools have been referred to as “slave indoctrination day-prisons” where children are taught to take abuse from administrators, teachers and peers. Students are told God has no place in America, that there are no consequences to “acceptable” bad behavior and that they have no recourse when someone does them wrong.

Young people are taught how to “have fun” without acknowledging that there are consequences to unbridled sexuality. This is even the basis of some of the Obamacare ads, which imply that it’s OK to do stupid, risky things because not only is there no longer a moral reason to refrain, but if things do go wrong (and they will), the government will come to the rescue so no one has to face the consequences of his or her behavior.

As adults, the PC terrorism continues. We’re told that if we profile a group of thugs hanging on street corners, we’re racist. We’re told that if we think unmarried women (as life-bearers) should keep their legs together, we’re sexist. We’re told that if we don’t like our income redistributed without our consent, then we’re heartless and greedy. America has been bound by chains of victimhood and political correctness.

By training children from birth that they are victims – due to their skin color, gender, economic circumstances, family background, or their nationality – then when these children become adults, they wallow in professional victimhood. They become incapable of clear, independent thinking and welcome the government stepping in to rescue them.

All these roads lead to one endpoint, of course. Control. This is why the government is so eager to codify political correctness into law. It further controls citizens. We are PC-ing ourselves into the grave.

How? Consider this: It is inherent for humans to be free. Without freedom, life becomes meaningless and hopeless. Strip away our faith, our income, our work ethic, our pride, our children’s future, our ability to make our own mistakes and suffer our own consequences … and we are nothing. We have nothing. Nothing except a government that will step in and take the place of God, jobs, child-raising and personal responsibility.

When that day comes and there are no citizens left who want freedom and independence, then America will cease to exist.

My husband and I can teach our daughters not to be victims of their circumstances. But what happens when they become victims of their government?

We can gripe and moan and complain about how intrusive the state has become, but the ugly fact of the matter is nothing will change until WE change.

Folks, it’s time to throw off the shackles and chains of political correctness and victimhood. I’m not talking about armed rebellion (yet) – I’m talking about personal responsibility. Stop depending on someone else to feed, clothe, house and educate you and your children

It’s not easy to take care of one’s self. Most people are predisposed to take the path of least resistance, which too often means depending on the government to provide. And most people are blind to the end result of that dependency.

But dependency is the natural state of children, not adults. If you think that being dependent on the power-hungry in Washington is a good idea, then you’ll never be anything more than an adolescent and a slave to the state.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What step will you take?

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