Ariel Sharon

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has finally died, and now the prophetic significance of his passing will be the broadcast across America and the world tonight.

Pastor and author Carl Gallups will be on the popular radio program “Coast to Coast AM” late Monday night and early Tuesday morning to discuss the astonishing Sharon factor in his revelatory new book “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of The Endtime.”

Gallups will discuss the book with “Coast to Coast” host George Noory for two hours, starting at 1 a.m. Eastern/10 p.m. Pacific. He will answer the toughest questions the book has raised and will explain what the book might tell readers about the end times mentioned in the Bible.

Gallups will also discuss the WND Films production of “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” a documentary detailing his investigation into the story of Yizhak Kaduri.

Coast to Coast AM, or “C2C” as it’s often called, has more than 500 affiliates reaching up to 5 million Americans seven days a week.

Published by WND Books, book “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” documents one of the great mysteries of our time.

When Sharon still was in office, vibrant and in command of his faculties, a venerated rabbi predicted the Messiah would not come until after Sharon’s death.

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died shortly after the stroke Sharon suffered put him in a coma in 2006. But before the beloved Kaduri died, he wrote a cryptic note in which he named the Messiah with whom he claimed to have had a mystical encounter. On the 108-year-old rabbi’s instructions, the note would be released a year after his death.

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri claims to have met the Messiah in vision.

The note, when posted eventually on the rabbi’s website, showed Kaduri had revealed the Messiah’s name as Yehoshua, or the formal Hebrew pronunciation of Yeshua, or Jesus.

As a result of this unusual prophetic twist and the recent release of a book and movie about the life and death of Kaduri, the death of Sharon has renewed interest in Christian and prophecy circles around the world.

Sharon, 85, served as Israel’s prime minister from 2001 to 2006 when he became incapacitated. During his tenure, he initiated a disengagement plan, during which thousands of Jews were deported from Gaza and northern Samaria – turning the once-fertile region over to Hamas control.

A “death curse” by a group of rabbis in Israel was issued against Sharon for this action. Sharon suffered a serious stroke on January 4, 2006. He was comatose until his death this weekend.

“The only prophetic utterance of Kaduri concerning Ariel Sharon was that Messiah would not appear until Ariel Sharon had died,” said Gallups. “Within a little over two months after speaking these prophetic words Sharon was in a coma and Kaduri himself died.”

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Listen to Gallups explain the project:

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