Selena Owens

Selena Owens, a conservative activist, speaker, author and tea-party pioneer, joins WND’s commentary lineup today as an exclusive weekly columnist.

Though Owens has written a handful of guest columns, today marks her official debut. Look for her column each Wednesday on WND’s Commentary page.

Owens has spoken at more than 300 events across the nation, beginning with the very first tea party held in Raleigh, N.C., and has toured nationally with Tea Party Express and other conservative tours. She is the author of “The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God, Family and Country,” in addition to Christian-themed books for women.

An early activist in the tea-party movement, Owens was featured on “Fox and Friends” in September 2009 as a representative for Tea Party Express. In 2010, she emceed a national press conference in Washington, D.C., to refute accusations of racism in the conservative movement.

Owens serves as vice chairwoman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, a federal political action committee that is the outgrowth of the Campaign to Defeat Obama political action committee. Prior to 2009, she had never been politically active. Owens believes that her participation in conservative politics is a God directive.

Selena says she is passionate about God, family and country, traveling extensively to encourage conservative women to stand strong on biblical principles and against liberalism. She and her husband, William, have been married for 28 years and are the parents of four young adults.

Read Owens’ debut column for WND, “A debased New York state of mind.”

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