Confirmations of the oft-ridiculed charges against the Obama administration are emerging with the frequency of eutheria in the “Whack-a-Mole” game. While I have certain encouraging suspicions as to how this information may be being disseminated, catalogued and employed to America’s benefit, I also wonder (somewhat cynically) if they will simply go the way of condemning information that has already been revealed regarding the administration – in short, nowhere.

This week it was reported that Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett gave the “stand down” order during the Sept. 11 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. This would in the very least convict President Obama of negligence in delegating such responsibility to an unelected, inexperienced subordinate, as well as explaining “all of the serial lies and the cover-ups and the obfuscation and all of the efforts that were made to distract people’s attention from this,” as characterized by talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

Also this week, Fox News’ James Rosen (who was illegally targeted by the administration as a result of his investigative work) reported that according to declassified documents, within minutes after the mission in Benghazi came under attack, the White House was informed that the event was a terrorist attack, as opposed to the false narrative proffered by the administration for weeks afterward. Further, it has been determined that the Benghazi survivors who were interviewed by the FBI shortly after the attack did not report a protest (as maintained in the administration’s anti-Islam-film narrative), but a coordinated strike by well-trained, well-armed jihadis.

Even the IRS scandal, a more run-of-the-mill transgression, evidences Obama’s intention to forge ahead, steamrolling the Constitution and the law in the process, regardless of the storm clouds forming overhead. Within days after appointing a major donor to oversee the government’s investigation into its own misfeasance, it was announced that no criminal charges are likely to be filed against serial offenders who systematically targeted conservative political groups.

These and other recent revelations present an overwhelming case for a myriad of formal charges being filed against President Obama and members of his Cabinet. The case has long since been made that despite the mundane façade it has managed to maintain, this administration is a malignantly subversive, criminal enterprise of saboteurs and communist thugs.

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Altogether too many Americans remain bereft of the knowledge necessary to make intelligent assessments of the grave situation in which America now finds herself. They don’t know what capitalism is because they have relied on misrepresentations spoon-fed to them by radicals in education and the press. They don’t know enough about tyranny to recognize that it is being employed by President Obama and his co-conspirators. They are no longer capable of engaging in the critical thinking necessary to determine that the establishment press can no longer be relied upon for objective news reporting, and that the trusted journalists from whom they glean their information are de facto political operatives.

Were there members of Congress with the courage to do so, ample evidence and leverage exists to quietly demand the resignation of this president and his Cabinet, indeed, of the vice president as well. Such an event would be quite scandalous, but it pales in comparison to the upheavals that will surely come if those who have studied Alinsky, Lenin and Mao are allowed to further their agenda unchecked.

There is the possibility that certain military personnel might lend their support to an effort by Congress to remove the president through methods other than impeachment, although this is less likely than it otherwise might have been given the widespread purge that has taken place within the military. As reported in WND, retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, the chairman of Stand Up America, has been at the forefront of researching tactics that might be used (within the law) to oust the Obama cabal.

Barring such scenarios, there are those who have called for peaceful mass demonstrations demanding the same, as well as the resignations of some of the more corrupt leaders in the House and Senate. Despite the potential for affairs to go awry, I support considering such a plan, because not only would it transmit our willingness to resist the government, but it would provide evidence of that willingness to Americans yet unengaged in the nascent resistance.

In truth, there is nothing wrong with the government per se. It is like unto a vintage automobile with an intoxicated driver at the wheel. It’s just a matter of getting the keys away.

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