Are you man (or woman) enough to say “no” to a child?

Before you answer this question, consider this: When liberals try to justify more government spending they trot out our youth. “Do it (whatever ill-conceived big government program they are promoting) for the children, boohoo, sob, sob!”

This makes conservative legislators quake in their boots. It is only a matter of time before they cave in to this pressure. I offer our $17 trillion national debt as Exhibit A.

Now, bring it down to a personal level. It is one thing to say “no” to a little boy. It is quite another to say “no” to a precious little girl, looking up at you with those beautiful, big, expectant eyes.

That’s what you will be up against if you join – and you should – the boycott against Girl Scout cookies begun by Pro-Life Waco and now joined by countless pro-life and pro-family organizations.

It’s that time of year. The Girl Scouts soon will be out in force, going door-to-door and meeting you in front of the grocery store. I should know. I proudly sold those cookies back in my youth, so much so that I bought a box from every girl who approached me. It was pay-back of sorts.

Not anymore. I began my own cookie boycott about 15 years ago when I realized the Girl Scouts had taken a hard left turn and there was no turning back.

To be sure there are many good people involved in Girl Scouts at the local level. However, they have absolutely no say in national policy, none whatsoever. It’s rigged.

The changes began in the1970s when Betty Friedan was put on the national governing board. It wasn’t long before the organization began purging its materials of all positive references to homemakers. Partnerships with Planned Parenthood followed, and the Girl Scouts began showing up at gun-control rallies like the Million Mom March.

The Girl Scouts adopted a new global agenda and began bemoaning the fact that the United States has not signed the radical U.N. feminist treaty, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, CEDAW, which would force nations to legalize abortion and prostitution. Guess a girl has to make a living!

The original promise contained a “duty to God and country.” The word “duty” was watered down and, in 1993, an asterisk suddenly appeared by the word “God,” making the great I AM an option.

Much controversy ensued until the asterisk was removed. However, the new policy remained. “When making the Girl Scout Promise (girls) may substitute wording appropriate to their own spiritual beliefs for the word ‘God.'” In other words, girls are free to simply worship themselves.

The Girl Scouts adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which was as effective a the one in the military. It wasn’t long before the organization began accepting lesbian leaders and winked at lesbian activity within the ranks. In 1998, Nancy Manahan wrote the book, “On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on their Scouting Experience.” It is full of coming-of-age stories at Girl Scout Camp, and stories of lesbianism within the paid staff.

In the past, girls learned valuable life skills by earning badges. These were abandoned. Girls began earning awards by taking a series of “Journeys.” They started out innocently enough but were designed to gradually transform the girls into self-actualized, feminized citizens of the world.

Over the last decade, the Girl Scouts lost a third of its membership. Some of the most objectionable material from these Journeys was removed, and badges are being reinstated.

Be Warned: Much of the change is cosmetic. The old problems remain, so stop supporting this radical agenda!

Be Informed: Go to and print out the cookie flyer to distribute to your friends. You will find links to actual Girl Scout documents that address all the major concerns.

Be Ready: Don’t disappoint these young cookie sellers. A troop receives only 10-20 percent of the money from cookie sales, so make a direct donation to the troop. Also, give a letter to the adult who is with her stating your concerns and offering to help her troop transition to American Heritage Girls. I have one you can print out on my blog.

The girls go away happy, and their leaders may be motivated to make a positive change. Then, go to the grocery and buy a box of your favorite cookies for yourself. You deserve it!

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