Police in Sweden who were dispatched to respond to a call from a suicide hotline mistakenly went to the home of the caller’s neighbor, knocked on her door then forcibly escorted her to a psychiatric hospital, where she was examined and sent a bill.

The Swedish Internet media outlet The Local reported the woman wanted to remain unidentified.

“I have never visited a psychologist or a psychiatrist my entire life, but after this I might well have to,” she said.

The report details the scenario: “She was at home in her apartment on Jan. 2 when there was a knock on the door. ‘Erika’ had just returned home from work and was in the shower, but got out to open. To her surprise, two police officers stood outside. They insisted that she come with them to the psychiatric emergency room straight away.”

It appears that one of her neighbors had called an emergency suicide hotline, and police were called to check on her. Instead, they knocked on Erika’s door. The mix-up, which happened near Kalmar, Sweden, took a while to straighten out.

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‘Erika’ relates challenging the officers.

“I said it had to be a mistake. They were very kind, but they said they had no more information and that I was coming with them.”

At the hospital, she was required to “stay and speak with [a] psychologist before being allowed to go home,” The Local reported.

Then she was billed 400 Swedish kroner, about $60, for her forced visit.

The hospital later apologized for the billing, but there was no report on whether police corrected the mix-up.

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