Remember all those questions about Barack Obama’s eligibility and the suggestions that if he’s not American, he’s not eligible to be president?

A Democrat member of Congress has acknowledged that the issue is legitimate.

Well, not really. What Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., said in an interview was that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, couldn’t be president because he’s Canadian.

Grayson’s comment came in an interview with MSNBC when he was asked who he thinks would win the GOP nomination for president in Florida.

“Since Ted Cruz is a Canadian and our Constitution requires an American to win, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be Ted Cruz,” Grayson said.

Cruz has explained that he has held dual citizenship and is renouncing his Canadian citizenship.

The questions about Obama, however, linger as an ongoing, official law enforcement investigation has determined the “birth certificate” he released from the White House appears is a forgery.

The questions about Obama’s eligibility, nevertheless, have been publicly ridiculed by everyone from the White House on down.

Grayson said Cruz “represents the element of the Republican Party that’s trying to hasten the apocalypse.”

WND Founder and longtime news executive Joseph Farah, whose news organization has covered the dispute about Obama’s eligibility, said in a column he was amazed that Democrats have raise the issue regarding Cruz.

I pointed out … that the media are on a campaign to ensure Sen. Ted Cruz never gets a chance to run for president. Why? Because, they claim or infer, he’s ineligible under the constitutional requirement to be a ‘natural born citizen,'” Farah wrote.

“It’s amazing given the media’s ridicule of those of us who posed the question and did six years of investigative work to try to determine Barack Obama’s eligibility – a question that has still not been answered, by the way, or even debated rationally on the facts we now know.”

Farah said it’s “precisely why it was so important to pay attention to the precedent Obama set by refusing to release his birth certificate for two years and then releasing one that was labeled fraudulent by the only law enforcement investigators who have examined it, as well as dozens of document experts.”

He said the questions that remain include where Obama was born, whether or not his Hawaii birth certificate is accurate and shows he is a “natural born citizen.”

Obama’s father, according to the document, was a Kenyan citizen, Farah said, and, therefore, “unable to confer ‘natural born citizen’ status on his son.”

Farah noted there are more unanswered questions about Obama:

  • Did he give up his status as an American citizen when he moved to Indonesia with his family? The U.S. government gave his mother specific instructions about how to protect her son’s basic citizenship while living in Indonesia. She was advised to homeschool him rather than enroll him in an Indonesian school. Did she listen? No.
  • Did Obama return and enroll in college as a “foreign student,” as many suspect? We don’t know. He has never released any college records.
  • But, most importantly, without an uncontested, clean, verified birth certificate, we not only don’t know where he was born but we don’t even know for certain who his parents were – and that is the key question when it comes to “natural born citizen” status.

He pointed out that during the publicity campaign for his first book, Obama even claimed to have been born in Kenya.

Farah wrote: “But I’m not here to defend Ted Cruz’s eligibility. I’m here to say that America needs one standard of eligibility – not one for Republicans and another for Democrats, not one for conservatives and another for liberals, not one for people we like and another for people we don’t like.”

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