For two days in a row, Rush Limbaugh has warned his huge radio audience that President Obama’s behavior was increasingly “lawless,” at one point going so far as to call it “Stalinism.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Limbaugh addressed the news that companies would now be required to swear to the Internal Revenue Service that they weren’t hiring or firing employees based on the impact they thought the Affordable Care Act might have on their bottom line.

“This is absolutely lawless,” Limbaugh declared. “It is against the law. (…) They cannot turn staffing decisions into crimes, and this is exactly what they’re doing. Businesses make decisions all the time on the basis of avoidance of costs here and costs there, labor costs, tax costs. They do it all the time.”

Limbaugh didn’t mince words: “This is way beyond a banana republic now. This is Stalinism.”

Compounding the situation, he added, were the Republicans, who are “doing everything they can to avoid any kind of disagreement.” As a result, they just caved on the debt ceiling vote, and showed no sign they were willing to confront Obama on his “sheer, brazen lawlessness” in this matter, either, he said.

Without a strong opposition party, Limbaugh declared, “there is nothing stopping Obama if he wants to raise somebody’s tax rates or to eliminate somebody’s tax rates. I mean, there’s nothing stopping him from doing virtually anything he wants to do, because nobody’s stopping him now.”

Limbaugh noted that “Rand Paul is threatening to sue the president,” but legal experts questioned Paul’s legal standing to do so.

Calling the current situation “unchartered territory,” the radio host also called out his fellow conservative pundits, whom he also said seemed more interested in merely bemoaning this deteriorating situation rather than telling their audiences how to fight back.

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“They just want to get the platitudes of being great thinkers and then go pour a Johnnie Walker Blue,” Limbaugh said with disgust.

On Thursday afternoon, Limbaugh once again picked up the theme:

“We’ve never confronted this before. We’ve never had a president who is so lawless. (…) We’ve never dealt with it, so nobody knows what to do.”

He added that listeners have been sending him statements Obama made in 2008, promising to “reverse” George Bush’s alleged increase of power to the executive branch. Others, Limbaugh said, have been repeating his own warnings that Obama would abuse his power, uttered back in 2009.

As far as Limbaugh is concerned, digging up all these damning quotations is a waste of time.

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“You know what that’s worth?” Limbaugh asked rhetorically, adding a dismissive “raspberry” sound. “‘Did you hear what Limbaugh said in 2009?’ ‘Did you hear what Obama said in 2008?’ Big deal. This is 2014. And it doesn’t matter what he said back then; it’s what he’s doing now. He’s basically giving away everybody else’s money.”

Here some of Rush Limbaugh’s comments, about Obama descending into Stalinism:

And he warns no president ever has been so lawlees:

And Jonathan Turley suggests the nation is on the edge of authoritarianism:

Only a day earlier, Limbaugh said while impeachment isn’t going to happen to Obama, that doesn’t mean his offenses don’t qualify.

“You can’t impeach the first black president,” he said on his radio show. “No matter how corrupt or lawless.”

But he said the danger is very high, citing House Speaker John Boehner’s recent comments that the House wouldn’t adopt amnesty legislature this year because the president probably wouldn’t follow it.

“This is the president of the United States effectively nullifying the legislative branch of government,” an outraged Limbaugh said. “He’s basically saying … and he has in practically these words, said this, ‘I got a pen and I got a phone and if they don’t do what I want I’m going to it anyway.'”

He continued, “That’s not a ho-hummer to me. That is major. If the chartered body in our government that makes the law decides not to because they don’t think it’ll matter, because the executive branch will just ignore it, I mean that’s a breach of serious proportion.”

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