Many Americans assume that God has a special relationship with America. They are looking for national redemption. Does anyone see it there on the horizon?

It is important to remember that God’s scale of operations is somewhat different than ours. Nations and governments are tools in the hands of God. Think of the bigger ones as power tools. The smaller ones as hand tools. And around dinner time think about that hand kitchen mixer. They all help toward getting the job done. (You can always read the book of Daniel to get a better feel for this.)

There really should be no confusion whatsoever about God’s agenda. He’s been very up-front about it with us. He intends to restore humanity to its pre-fallen condition: before we decided to turn our backs on him; when he walked in the garden with us in the evening; before we decided we didn’t need him; before we decided our own perfection was adequate; before we bid him goodbye.

Perhaps on the other side of the veil we will be able to ask some of the 60 million citizens murdered by their own governments how they feel about the perfection their sacrifice ushered into the world. How did those killed by the communists view the fall of the Soviet Union? Or maybe the Jews in Germany would have some kind words for Hitler and his regime. How about the Christians being murdered worldwide today? Let’s ask them: How do you feel about about dying so that the “flavor-ism of the age” for which you were killed could usher in perfection among humanity? Was it worth it? Does this look like perfection?

Perfection is, of course, unattainable by humanity. This is because of our separation from God. Our willful and continued disobedience of the two commandments upon which Jesus said all other hinge. Our embrace of false, god-like figures that continually disappoint us (how could they do otherwise?). And yes, technology is a false god. See Hiroshima.

Perhaps the sickest irony is that even the lowered bar of perfection we set for ourselves remains unattainable by us. It’s kind of like people who move from place-to-place, house-to-house, or job-to-job but are never happy. At some point one has to ask the question, “Could it possibly be me? Am I the problem?”

God has a pretty straightforward answer to that question. Yeah, it’s you and me. We’re the problem. Perfection will forever elude our grasp. It is never attainable without God.

The great thing about America was that its constitution was written by men wise enough to recognize that perfection was beyond humanity’s grasp. Only the knowledge of God could have given them that recognition. So the government they crafted was designed to thwart the shortcomings of less-than-perfect people. And it did. For a while.

But America was a tool in the hands of God back then, just like it is a tool in the hands of God today. Lots of people tell me they don’t see America in the Bible. Oh, I see it. It’s there.

The transaction that took place between God the Father and God the Son, after humanity’s fall from grace in the Garden of Eden, and which culminated in Christ’s death on the cross to restore humanity to its rightful relationship with God, will likely be forever beyond our understanding.

Beyond our understanding. But not beyond our grasp. Take it while it is still available. Understanding may come later, if God so chooses.

The whole story is coming soon.

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