It goes without question that the IRS will have to be abolished.

The scandal of the IRS’ compelling small tax-exempt organizations to file their returns online with a Soros-funded hard-left political group, and only with that group, via a direct link from the IRS website only to that of the group, would be a very grave breach of administrative law in the United Kingdom, leading to substantial punitive damages.

My own experiences with corruption in the U.K.’s Inland Revenue suggest that the first step is firm and prompt action in the courts to stop this in-your-face unlawful partisan bias.

Some years ago, when the Inland Revenue illegally raided the offices of consultancy clients of mine without a warrant, my clients’ lawyers said there was nothing that could be done. They even told my clients – a blameless working-class couple who had met as office-cleaners and had founded their own company, eventually employing 600 people – that they were going to go to prison.

My clients, in tears, came to me. I said to them what I often had to say to clients: “What do lawyers know of the law?” I recommended that my clients should sue the Inland Revenue under a special procedure known as “judicial review of administrative action.”

The lawyers said there was no prospect of success. We won, hands down, twice. The Inland Revenue were obliged to pay enormous sums to my clients.

In the United States, judicial review of illegality by government departments is difficult. However, where a department behaves as corruptly as the IRS, first selectively moving against conservative nonprofits only and then forcing small nonprofits to file their tax returns with a hard-left group only, with the menace that if they did not do so they would lose their nonprofit status, one statute springs to mind.

The RICO statute.

The IRS, by its actions, has shown itself to be a racketeer-influenced criminal organization. The nonprofits should band together, now, and mount a RICO action against it.

Their lawyers will tell them they cannot possibly win. But they will win. And win big. The RICO statute, designed to deal with an earlier generation of Chicago gangsters, pays the successful plaintiffs three times their costs in fighting the action.

Once the courts have held the IRS to be corrupt, it can and will be closed down. Yet the federal government needs its revenue. So, what to do?

Simple. Contract out the collection of Uncle Sam’s taxes by competitive tender to the foreign tax-collection entity that puts in the best bid.

An external tax-collecting agency is far less likely to act with gross political prejudice toward the citizen than an internal agency.

One more step. Everyone of sufficiently senior rank in the IRS should be dismissed just as soon as the new tax-collection arrangements are in place, and should be debarred from taking any employment in the public service ever again.

An organization that has behaved with such outrageous disregard for the iron obligation of strict political neutrality that is the first and most sacred duty of any tax-gatherer can only have done so because throughout its senior management there is ingrained contempt for the taxpayer and for the law. Too many at the top in the IRS have unhealthily close ideological and financial links with hard-left “Democrats.” The IRS has put politics above the law. Sack the lot.

If you are a principal of one of the victimized nonprofits and you are reading this, don’t delay. Pool your resources now, and drag the IRS into the criminal court under the RICO statute. Just about everyone who has ever paid tax will cheer you to the echo.

And don’t worry about the cost of the action. Citizens everywhere will donate handsomely. When you win you’ll get back three times the cost anyway.

Above all, don’t, don’t, don’t let the lawyers tell you it can’t be done. They’re wrong. They, too, often forget the single, central purpose of the law.


Get mad. Then get even. I’ve been there. I’ve done it. Again and again. You can do it, too.

One more thing. You will want to root out the source of the IRS’ corruption, which lurks in the White House itself. But how does one bring down a president whose every wrongdoing is covered up by the Secret Service, who in refusing to investigate Mr Obama are destroying the presidency by defending the president. All those involved in the production and publication of a certain forged “birth certificate” and all those – specifically including the Secret Service – who have been told about the forgery and have failed to act can be prosecuted via RICO, too.

We know who did the forgery. We know why. We know when. We know how. We know to whom the forgery has been reported. We have the names. We have the proof of delivery.

And the investigation by the implacably determined and stoutly courageous sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., the last incorrupt lawman in the country, has now unearthed a separate but related web of corruption so foul and so serious that a full-time team of professional detectives has been assigned to it.

Get this, Barry, baby. Sheriff. Arpaio. Will. Not. Let. Go.

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