The case for impeaching and removing President Obama grows stronger each week, as the president continues to violate the constitutional limits on his executive powers. His latest move in delaying the enforcement of yet another part of Obamacare should be article 20 in a bill of indictable offenses against the Constitution.

Citizens of all persuasions and parties should take encouragement in the fact that impeachment is fast becoming a respectable topic of debate even in the mainstream media. Of course, it is usually discussed with the disclaimer that it is a practical impossibility with Democrats in control of the Senate.

That Beltway conventional wisdom will soon change as Republican control of the Senate in 2015 becomes increasingly likely. But what Republicans do not yet understand is that the call for impeachment can be a winning issue in gaining control of the Senate in the November elections.

The rising tide of public opposition to Obamacare may soon be reinforced by a rising tide of demand for Obama’s removal before he can do any more damage to our liberties and our national security. In fact, the steady decline in Obama’s approval rating – now at about 39 percent – is due as much to the growing public awareness of his arrogant disregard for the Constitution as it is to disillusionment with Obamacare.

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His actions in defiance of constitutional limits have become so numerous and brazen that chronicling them has become a cottage industry. The use of executive orders to circumvent Congress can no longer be called an occasional breach of faith. His abuse of power has become so frequent and brazen that it is becoming recognized as the trademark of his presidency.

And that is why it must not be tolerated. How often do we hear from the left that Americans must not be “good Germans” and remain silent in the face of oppressive laws? What about obedience to dictatorial edicts?

Allowing such unconstitutional acts to be accepted as routine, as “just part of the Obama landscape,” is tantamount to accepting the inevitability of dictatorship in America. Citizens must oppose those actions vigorously and persistently, and that begins with a call for impeachment.

The defense we hear for Obama’s actions is that “all presidents have used executive orders to advance their policies,” and that Obama has issued fewer executive orders in his first five years than Reagan did. That argument is a straw man distraction from the real issue.

Executive orders are legitimate when confined to legitimate areas of executive discretion and administrative implementation of the law. They are NOT legitimate as a way of making new laws, and that is where Obama is radically different from other presidents.

Obama uses executive orders – and sometimes administrative decrees issued by his Cabinet officers or their subordinates – not to implement laws but to create new law, which is a power given to Congress by the Constitution. Allowing Obama to continue doing this with impunity is an invitation to disaster for our constitutional democracy.

Obama has engaged in this dictatorial behavior not two or three times but at least 18 times. It is a pattern, not an occasional thing.

The two most outrageous examples are his unilateral – and ongoing – rewriting of the Affordable Care Act, which everyone knows as Obamacare, and his order to the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency in June of 2012 to implement the “Deferred Action on deportations” program for illegal aliens.

What makes the “Deferred Action” program so brazen an act outside his constitutional powers is that Congress had in December of 2011 voted to reject the so-called “Dream Act.” Thus, in this case, Obama did not act in the absence of congressional action, he acted in defiance of congressional action. Obama simply declared it the law of the land by unilateral, administrative decree. Contrary to media reports, he did not sign an executive order; he merely ordered it done by a junior appointee in the Department of Homeland Security.

Obama has also acted in defiance of Congress in several instances on national security matters, such as his refusal to halt military aid to Egypt despite a congressional resolution to suspend that aid. Those actions can legitimately be added to a bill of indictment, but his many illegal actions on domestic policy are more easily understood by the public.

It is quite possible, even likely, that when all the facts are known, Obama or persons acting on his orders will be shown to have committed criminal offenses in covering up two scandals – the IRS harassment of conservative nonprofit organizations and the coverup of his own role in the Benghazi fiasco.

It is time for the Republican leadership to conduct an “intervention” for a president who has become addicted to dictatorial behavior. Let’s stop being the enablers through silence for unconstitutional acts.

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