On his nationally syndicated show today, talk-radio host Michael Savage will present the questions he would like to ask President Obama in a sit-down interview.

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Savage said they’re “questions Bill O’Reilly didn’t ask” in his interview with the president before the Super Bowl on the Fox television network.

He poses his invitation to Obama this way:

“Dear Mr. President, I and millions of Americans who love this nation would like me to sit down with you over a Chinese meal in San Francisco. To clear the air. To end the mistrust and hatred that has infected the air itself. Without cameras. No makeup. Just you and I sharing Hunan dishes I know you would like. Over shrimps and Napa cabbage, Hunan velvet chicken, crispy meat pie and steamed pork dumplings, I’d like to ask you a few questions that are plaguing the nation.”

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Here are Savage’s questions for Obama:

1. Why did you insist on pushing into the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department a lawyer who defended the assassin of a police officer? A lawyer who has such a hatred for the police and law enforcement that he called them “an occupying fascist presence”?

2. Why did you refuse to send military help to the people trapped in Benghazi?

3. Why did you attack Israel and have John Kerry threaten the Jewish people with another intifada and boycotts unless they gave away half their nation?

4. Why have you fired so many combat generals on such slim charges at a time when China is on the march and the Islamo-fascists are stronger than ever?

5. Why have you dismissed almost the entire nuclear command on trumped-up charges?

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6. Why do you keep expanding the welfare state when the economy is so weak? Such as expanding unemployment payments? Not reining in the 12 million, and growing, army of Americans cashing in on disability payments? Failing to stop the unchecked growth of the number of people on food stamps? Virtually eliminating the work requirements for receiving welfare benefits?

7. Why do you keep pushing for amnesty for 30 million or more Mexicans and other illegal aliens when they are here illegally? And we cannot afford them? When they won’t learn English? Or learn our history? When they wave Mexican flags at sporting events and speak of the “gringo” with such contempt?

8. Why won’t you stop the IRS from targeting conservative groups? Harassing them with audits and blocking their non-profit status? Why did you let Eric Holder choose a lawyer who had contributed thousands of dollars to your campaign to head the Justice Department IRS investigation when a special prosecutor is needed?

9. Why won’t you stop the NSA from spying on innocent Americans?

Michael Savage and his dog, Teddy

10. Why don’t you prosecute gangsters on Wall Street and those corrupt senators and congressmen who are stealing billions through front groups and relatives? Through manipulating markets? On contracts?

11. Why don’t you approve the Keystone pipeline which will bring much-needed oil from Canada to refineries in America, for Americans? Instead of forcing the Canadians to ship this precious black gold to China?

12. Why don’t you encourage the expansion of charter schools so that underprivileged minority students have a chance at a real education? So they’re not trapped in a school system that dooms them to never realize their dreams? When 90 percent of African-Americans voted for you?

13. Why do you make policy and change laws by presidential executive order when the Constitution grants those powers only to Congress?

14. Why won’t you speak out against the Islamist radicals who massacre Christians throughout the Middle East and North Africa?

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