It appears that with each passing week – if not more often than that – we are made aware of yet more evidence of the transcendent corruption in our government and political infrastructure, if you will. Although the emerging tyranny of the Obama administration and its audacious proliferation of collectivist policies defy reason, the façade has indeed begun to crumble.

As the crimes of the president and his collaborators are revealed, however, the evidence of even more entrenched subterfuge and malevolent designs comes to light. Some of these – like the overall objectives of Marxists like Obama – have been decades in the making, and involve individuals and organizations the average American would never suspect.

The Egyptian publication Ahram Online reported Tuesday that Egypt’s Field Marshall Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi met this week with a congressional delegation led by Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. Rogers is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; his discussions with El-Sisi reportedly “covered matters of mutual interest between the two countries, as well as regional and international issues.”

According to the Shoebat Foundation website, at least part of the delegation’s mission may be to look into the Egyptian government’s case against President Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama. He has been charged by the Egyptian government with participating in conspiracies involving the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now officially outlawed in Egypt. As reported in this space previously, the working relationship between the brothers Obama (which the administration maintains does not exist) coupled with the administration’s role in the rise of the Morsi regime in Egypt lend credence to the administration’s overall collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood.

In its most recent release on the subject, the Shoebat Foundation cautions readers not to jump to positive conclusions with regard to Rogers’ motives. It would not be the first time Republican members of Congress had interceded in this process of forming a new government in Egypt since Morsi’s ouster and had their motivations or allegiances questioned. In August of 2013, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham traveled to Cairo at the behest of President Obama and met with Egypt’s interim leaders in an ostensible attempt to bring the military and civilian factions to the table following Morsi’s removal and arrest. Many contended that this was actually a show of support for the Muslim Brotherhood and intended to undermine the military.

Further, and even more disturbing: Ahmed Aleiba, the U.S. Embassy employee arrested by the Egyptian government in January for conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood in his role as liaison thereto, was allegedly involved in arranging a meeting or meetings between Morsi and former Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif., prior to the elections that swept the Morsi regime into power. Dreier was chairman of the House Rules Committee at the time (he retired in 2013). Emails obtained by the Shoebat Foundation show that Congressman Dreier had requested a meeting with Morsi (as opposed to the reverse) and that Aleiba was attempting to arrange same.

Of course, the question, as posed by Walid Shoebat, then becomes one of why a Republican congressman desired a meeting with Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders before the election. Aleiba was arrested on Jan. 25 for being a key figure in the incitement of unrest in Cairo and was allegedly heading demonstrations to cause unrest at the instruction of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Elements of this story were also supported by the New York Times last week.

In recent weeks, I have reported here on the history of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Islamist activist who worked closely with Adolf Hitler during World War II and who was a bridge figure in terms of transporting the genocidal and anti-Semitic Nazi model into the post-war Middle East. I’ve also detailed the similarities between the respective political rises to power of Barack Obama and Mohamed Morsi. This becomes particularly chilling when one considers the damage that continues to be done in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood since Morsi was driven from office. Considering the laxity of our federal law enforcement with regard to Islamists within our borders, the insinuation of Muslim Brotherhood operatives into our government and the known presence of foreign jihadis in America, could it be that the president has clandestinely created jihadi cells across country in order to “have his back” in the event that a move is made to remove him?

Now we have evidence that there are Republican leaders who may be just as guilty as Obama of compromising our national security as well as our sovereignty and our economy. We’re well aware of the influence of high-placed faux conservatives in government and activist circles. Some may be familiar with such stories as the near-takeover of the conservative organization FreedomWorks by progressive Republicans and the infiltration of progressives into the tea-party movement from its inception.

As we move forward in battling our domestic enemies, it is imperative that we remember that this evil transcends party, and impart that knowledge to the newly engaged. The fate of this nation hinges upon those who recognize this, who adopt the Constitution alone as their herald and commit to unequivocal, unapologetic and courageous commitment.

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