Wearing your heart on your Facebook sleeve

Facebook recently did a study that suggests it can predict users’ future romantic relationships by examining their online activity.

Facebook data scientist Carlos Diuk explained what Facebook sees as people taking more than a passing interest in each other.

In a blog post titled “The Formation of Love” he said, “Relationships start with a period of courtship: on Facebook, messages are exchanged, profiles are visited, posts are shared on each other’s timelines. The following graph shows the average number of timeline posts exchanged between two people who are about to become a couple.”

Once they begin seeing each other offline, the Facebook posts noticeably decrease.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Facebook ran this as one of a series of blog posts about online love relationships. Read them all here.

Man’s best friend

Speaking of love, have you seen this video of a 7-year-old boy and his dog? Young Owen Howkins has a rare muscle condition, and the connection he found with a three-legged dog named Haatchi will melt your heart.

The times of your life.

This little camera – an inch in size – will snap pics every 30 seconds, marking the moments of your life 2,800 times a day. Wear it anywhere on your body and it will automatically snap the photos.

In an article published at Wired, “The camera’s 8GB of memory holds about 4,000 pictures total, so it’s tough to fill it in a single day. The rechargeable battery lasts about 30 hours, and its 5-megapixel (2592×1944) photos come out with about the same quality as an iPhone 4.”

Kinda weird? We can think of lots of reasons why we wouldn’t want to be around someone who is surreptitiously snapping photos that might include us. But then there are other reasons why this might be a cool tool. Read about them, and be sure to read the comment section for more thoughts about the “Narrative,” a mini-camera for the times of your life.

Four women were asked to participate in a Photoshop experiment. Each woman modeled in a professional photo shoot and then a Photoshop expert retouched the images to make them look like cover models. Their reactions to the results might surprise you.

Tech tips

Here are some helpful tips for those of you who spend a lot of time online:

Did you know that keeping your laptop plugged in all the time will diminish the life of your battery? True.

Cadex Electronics CEO Isidor Buchmann told Wired that ideally everyone would charge their batteries to 80 percent then let them drain to about 40 percent. This will prolong the life of your battery — in some cases by as much as four times.”

Click here to find out why that is.

Uh-oh. You dropped your smart phone into – oops! Water! Here’s how to dry out and hopefully restore your soaking wet phone. Hint: Desiccant. More than 80 commenters at this article added their drying out tips too. Evidently there are many who have given our phones an accidental bath!

Ever search out a location using Google Maps, only to lose the screen page when you go offline? Here’s a way to grab the map and keep it active. But you have to know the magic words.

Speaking of words …

A palindrome is a word that reads the same backwards or forwards. Here’s a short film that does the same.

“The whole film plays exactly the same way forward as it does if you plop it into a VCR and press the reverse button, sound and all. Making this work is a lot harder than it might seem – the music and sounds, directions of any movement, the general sequence of events and how they’re cut together – all have to have to be planned and arranged so that they make sense both times they’re seen, forward or backwards.”

Now hear this

Wearing your earbuds the right way makes a difference in the sound you hear. Here’s how.

While you’ve got those earbuds securely inserted, listen and watch this video that was posted on Feb. 14th and has been viewed 8,531,200 times, attracting more than 17,000 comments! See why singer Alex Boyé and the One Voice Children’s Choir’s cover of “Let It Go” from the hit Disney film “Frozen” has gone mega viral.

Inaugural tweet

Do you know who sent the first tweet, what it was and when it was sent? Do you know who was the first person to be persecuted for tweeting? Or how long it took for the first billion tweets to be sent? How many tweets are currently sent in a 48-hour period? Answers can be found in this video: “Ten Curious Facts About Twitter.”

And finally, with all that snow hitting the eastern seaboard last week, here’s how one fellow made the most of it. His video has attracted more than 3.3 million views since it was posted on Valentine’s Day.

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