Savage talks numbers and ratings

By Kathy Shaidle

Michael Savage

Michael Savage

Since moving to Sean Hannity’s old timeslot, Michael Savage is beating Hannity in the ratings, and the influential website has taken notice.

“In at least five of nation’s largest markets, Savage is not only beating Hannity – he’s trouncing him,” Dylan Byers reports.

Savage told him:

“Sean never had any real competition until I moved into drivetime. Sean, being a Republican lifer, has marginalized himself. His audience has discovered what my audience has come to expect over the past 20 years. Obama and Congress are not the sun, the moon and the stars. There are galaxies of subjects out there. My higher education and home-spun humor, bashed by Hannity, apparently appeals to the masses.”

In an interview with the Washington Times, Dr. Savage explained why he is, as the newspaper put it, “enjoying some vibrant ratings in an unforgiving marketplace.”

He offers listeners “the truth,” Savage said. “As Hemingway wrote, the truth has a certain ring to it.”

Rush Limbaugh

The Federal Communications Commission is drawing fire from conservatives for proposing that radio and television stations and newspapers be monitored by government to ensure they are airing “unbiased” stories and programs.

The media don’t seem as outraged at this suggestion as one might expect, but Rush Limbaugh for one isn’t shocked by their complacency.

The media, Limbaugh said, might very well cooperate with this “monitoring” program as a way to “get even closer to Obama” and “impress” him.

“Remember, Obama’s the king,” Limbaugh said. “They all serve the guy. They’re all on the same team.”

Canadian multi-millionaire and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary is being criticized for declaring his opposition to the minimum wage, and his belief that the market should determine remuneration.

Limbaugh eagerly agreed with O’Leary:

“That’s why I always laugh when people start saying, anybody, actor, athlete, anybody. ‘Nobody’s worth that.’ Well, they are to the person paying ’em. You are worth what somebody will pay you, and that is up to you.” (Free audio.)

Aaron Klein

Perhaps it is a bizarre form of nostalgia, but for whatever reason, Bill Clinton’s infamous sexual indiscretions are once again part of the national conversation. Aaron Klein had an exclusive interview with former White House aide Kathleen Willey, who alleges that the former president sexually assaulted her. (Free audio.)

Klein also explained how Russia and China are filling the “leadership vacuum” left by the United States as it retreats from the world stage. He also has more background about the company the IRS calls its “trusted partner.”

Mark Levin

A pro-“gay marriage” caller asked Levin why he should care about what others do as long as it doesn’t affect him personally.

Levin countered that we have to consider the impact such actions have on society at large:

“I’ll give you an example to be as clear as I can,” Levin continued. “What if an individual decides to have sex with a close relative? And what if it’s both agreed to, they both agree to it? (…) Does that affect society? Is that something where we should turn the other way and say, ‘Hey, look, they’re two adults, let them do what they want’? I say that affects society in a big way.” (Free audio.)

“This man is not well,” Levin said of Secretary of State John Kerry this week, reminding this audience that Kerry lied under oath during the “Winter Soldier” hearings.

Kerry, Levin added, actually declared this week that “climate change” was as great a threat to humanity than terrorism. This while “millions of people are suffering” in Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria and other nations, and Americans are enduring “tyranny” at home. (Free audio.)

Laura Ingraham

“Hope and optimism are beautiful things – when appropriate. But hope is not the basis for policy.”

In a Washington Post op-ed, Ingraham challenged conservative commentator George Will’s assertion that Republicans should support immigration “reform”:

“Will contends that it is ‘unworthy’ of conservatives to conclude that immigrant voters will always vote for Democrats. This is a plea for hope over experience. Of course conservatives should be trying to get immigrants’ votes. Of course they should never give up on any voting bloc. But poll after poll has shown that Hispanic voters (many of whom are immigrants) overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party…”

Glenn Beck

Beck called upon Americans to “wake up” during a passionate monologue about the trials of the Pelletier family.

Justina Pelletier’s mother and father lost custody of their teenage daughter because they disagreed with the type of medical treatment she was receiving. Lou Pelletier violated a court order to speak to Beck about the situation on the air.

“Wake up, America!,” Beck said. “Have you seen, we’re killing people with drones without a trial? We’re not that country anymore! Wake up. Wake up. This isn’t about politics. We can change this one. But we need to all stand together. Let’s just focus and do one thing together, and save a girl’s life.”


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