In 1997, an event on the National Mall in Washington that was assembled by the Promise Keepers Christian mens organization called “Stand In The Gap” was held.

It drew 1.4 million Christian men, who assembled in Washington for a day of prayer and national repentance some 12 hours before the event even started, and the world noticed, including with the cover of Time magazine and headlines in even secular media outlets.

Now the same group is organizing another event, scheduled Sept. 17 in Jerusalem, that will be called “Jesus Reigns: That the World May Know.”

But Promise Keepers President Raleigh Washington said at a news conference Friday at
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Jerusalem Center in Wayne, N.J., that the event really will be more of “Closing the Gap.”

The gap, that is, between Christians and Messianic Jews, who name and claim the same God, but still sometimes have huge distances between them.

Cahn is the author of the “Harbinger,” which has been on the New York Times bestsellers list most of the two years since it was published. The book, in turn, is the inspiration for the documentary “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” which also has topped its sales categories repeatedly.

Cahn will be one of the speakers in the Jerusalem assembly.

Washington said the coming event in Jerusalem is to “close” that gap between evangelical Christians and the Messianic Jews.

That gap “has plagued the church for many, many years,” he said at the news conference. “The body (church) of the Messiah must come together as one.”

That coming together, he said, once again will get the world’s attention; it would “communicate to the world He is indeed the Messiah.”

Plans are for 1,000 pastors, half from the evangelical community and half from the Messianic community, to be there. Thousands more also are expected to attend, and an unknown number will participate around the globe as it is scheduled to be livestreamed worldwide.

Cahn noted that the wall between the groups of believers was erected 2,000 years ago, and evangelicals have been cut off from the Jewish roots of their faith ever since. Some churches even teach a “replacement theology” that claims God has finished with the Jewish nation and has chosen, instead, another.

But the Bible commands believers to “bless Israel” and the Jewish believers more and more are coming to realize that their greatest friends are evangelical Christians, he said.

Promise Keepers, which are running its full slate of men’s conferences around the U.S. this year, set up the One Message website just to provide information about the plans and encourage people to attend.

“The greatest revival the world has ever known – a revival prophesied by the Apostle Paul and affirmed by men like Jonathan Edwards and C.H. Spurgeon – has begun. And each of us has the amazing privilege to being a part of it,” they explain.

“This revival began 65 years ago, when the state of Israel – a nation that ceased to exist 2,000 years earlier – was reborn in a day. Since then, the Jewish people have been turning by thousands to recognize Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) as their long-awaited Messiah.”

“One Message is called to inspire and motivate the Body of Messiah to come together in unity in fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17. When this happens, we believe the greatest revival the world has ever experienced will take place, preparing the way for the return of Jesus, the Messiah.”

Interestingly, a book has just been published, called “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” explaining one of the great mysteries of contemporary faith. It documents how the venerated Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died several years ago at the age of 108, had left a message about his encounter with the person be believed the Messiah.

Kaduri’s message, revealed after his death, said the Messiah’s name as Yeshua.

Promise Keepers said the event will be at Sultan’s Pool in the Valley on Hinnom. Even tourism promoters in Israel note there’s something not entirely cheerful in that location’s history. It was the site of ritual sacrifice.

That led to the naming of Judaism’s Purgatory-esque “concept of an afterlife Gehinnom (Valley of Hinnom), from which the contemporary world gets its word ‘hell.'”

Jesus refers to “Gehenna” 11 times in the Gospels as the opposite of the Kingdom of God. In the Old Testament, it is the location where Israel worshiped Baal and Molech by sacrificing their children. The prophets also use the Valley of Hinnom to describe the destiny of the enemies of God.

PK founder Bill McCartney says, “I’m calling you out [to] stand together as one and demonstrate that Jesus reigns.”

Promise Keepers has scheduled, too, conferences in Jacksonville, Fla., Peoria, Ill., Baton Rouge, La., Loveland, Colo., and Wallingford, Conn., this year.

It is setting up an Israel tour that coordinates with the Jesus Reigns event Sept. 14-23.

See the plans:

Jonathan Edwards once said, “When they shall be called, that ancient people, who alone were so long God’s people for so long a time, shall be his people again, never to be rejected more. They shall be gathered together into one fold, together with the Gentiles…”

Spurgeon? He said, “I think we do not attach sufficient importance to the restoration of the Jews. We do not think enough of it. But certainly, if there is anything promised in the Bible, it is this…The day shall yet come when the Jews, who were the first apostles to the Gentiles, the first missionaries to us, we who were far off, shall be gathered in again. Until that shall be, the fullness of the churches’ glory can never come. Matchless benefits to the world are bound up with the restoration of Israel; their gathering in shall be as life from the dead.”

Explains Promise Keepers, “Imagine a movement of God’s people so vast that every government, every media outlet, every person connected to modern communication was aware that tens, maybe even hundreds, of thousands of believers were gathered together in Israel where our faith was born, boldly proclaiming that our faith is not in governments or any man-name institution, but in Jesus Christ, and that He is our King! And what if hundreds of millions of believers worldwide were simultaneously connected through television, radio and Internet to join…?”


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