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Talk about non-essential government employees

A trillion dollars of government borrowing every year and the White House sees no place to cut.

It’s amazing.

I could easily write a column every day for the rest of my life identifying another government agency, department or office that could be eliminated for unconstitutionality, excessive cost, waste, fraud, abuse and corruption.

Such cuts would save our grandchildren and great-grandchildren trillions of dollars. The nation would be freer. America would return closer to the founding principle of limited government under the rule of law and will of the people.

Today I’ll give you a quick example.

Did you know there is an actual U.S. Office of Government Ethics?

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Really. It’s not a joke. Well, on second thought, maybe it is a sick joke.

If this office, which holds expensive conferences every year attended by White House representatives, were actually performing a vital and necessary public service, the Washington scandals we see in the news every day would not be happening. That is presumably the function of this office – to prevent ethics violations by government officials and staff.

Also attending these confabs are high-level officials of the Federal Elections Commission, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice.

But let me ask you a few rhetorical questions to help you evaluate the effectiveness of this office:

I suppose I could go with dozens more questions, but you get the point.

Ethics watchdog? You’ve got to be kidding.

“Government ethics” is an oxymoron in America today.

The Office of Government Ethics is a bad joke, a political jobs program, a sham, a worthless boondoggle – one of hundreds or even thousands of similar government programs and agencies in Washington.

It’s nothing but a cruel hoax on the American people, who are forced to pay for it and other similar government con jobs.

Nonessential government employees?

With the state of government ethics in America today – particularly in Washington, and particularly at the executive branch – the Office of Government Ethics should be the busiest and most newsworthy agency in the U.S. But, judging from what we hear – or don’t hear – from this office, I would suggest it is not only not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem.

In fact, it’s part of the cover-up, stonewall and whitewash machine.

I’d be happy to hear from anyone who works in the bureaucracy to set me straight. I’d love to know how I am wrong or how I misjudged the hard-working paper-pushers. But I don’t expect it. I won’t hold my breath. The corruption in Washington is reaching new, astounding heights. It makes you wonder who’s minding the store at the Office of Government Ethics – or why the store doesn’t get shut down.

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