The game is up. The world’s hard-left establishment knows it. Carbon dioxide – a trace gas that is absolutely vital to all life on Earth – is proving the bed-wetting scaremongers and green fascists plumb wrong. It is not only harmless: it is beneficial. CO2 is good for trees, good for plants, good for you and me.

That gives the entire governing class a problem. Yes, the global warming scare was driven by the climate communists, who viciously attacked the reputations of all who dared to raise even the mildest question about whether we were really heading for Thermageddon.

But far too many who were not part of the climate clique drifted along with it because they feared for their reputations if they dared to speak out. They did not want the paid propagandists whose chief task was to destroy the good name of anyone who challenged their New Superstition to turn on them. Cravenly, they allowed the nonsense to become official policy almost everywhere.

So very nearly all of the political and scientific elite signed up to – or at least went along with – the notion that the West should be shut down as fast as possible. This opportunity was what the fascist and communist enemies of liberty and democracy had longed for.

They could scarcely believe how easy it was to steer even normally rational ministers, civil servants and businessmen by the mere threat that they would be relentlessly ridiculed if they dared to step out of line.

Yet they have failed. All the bullying, all the hate speech about “deniers,” all the threats, all the venom, all the arrogance are in vain. For the left, which politicizes and poisons all that its many tentacles touch, has tried to politicize science itself. And that, as the extremists have now discovered, cannot be done.

The Earth has stubbornly refused to get warmer as ordered. Sea level is not really rising. The ocean is not acidifying. Sea ice is very close to its record high extent. The Himalayan glaciers are still there.

The Sahara is shrinking as vegetation responds to the warmer, moister atmosphere. The net primary productivity of plants is growing worldwide. Storms are not increasing in frequency or intensity. The patterns of drought and flood are much as they always were.

They know it. And They are terrified. They told us They were more certain about climate apocalypse than about anything else. They told us They knew best. They didn’t. They knew the party line, but they knew little or no climate science. They were wrong.

All over the planet, nervous climate extremists are planning what to do when even the acquiescent mainstream news media are no longer prepared to provide Them with cover by giving only Their side of the story.

I can exclusively reveal Their plan. For They have worked out that there is only one escape route for Them now that everyone is laughing at Their scare story.

If CO2 concentration continues to increase and global temperature does not, They know They are doomed. Their taxpayer funding will be cut off. They will become a standing joke.

And They are not prepared to endure being laughed at.

Their plan is simplicity itself. They now know that global temperature is not going to rise at anything like the predicted rate. So They are going to press on with reducing man’s CO2 emissions until they succeed in forcing the atmospheric concentration down.

Then, when the temperature fails to rise (and They know it would not have risen much anyway), They will say Their policy had Saved The Planet.

That is why They have stepped up Their rhetoric. Mr. Obama mentioned “carbon pollution” three times in his State of the Union address. Prince Charles stepped up the rhetoric against the “deniers.” So, recently, did John Kerry, in one of the most head-bangingly, full-on stupid speeches he has ever made.

If They can get CO2 concentration to start falling, They have Their get-out-of-jail-free card. If They can’t, the world will soon be laughing at Them as much as you and I are laughing at Them now.

Some 31,000 excess deaths were recorded in the United Kingdom in the cold winter of 2012-2013. They rated scarce a mention by any politician or in any mainstream news medium.

However, when 6,000 deaths in Typhoon Haiyan were falsely attributed to global warming that had not occurred for a decade and a half, this false attribution was near-universally repeated.

This fatal attenuation of the quantitative and of the moral sense is exemplified and exploited by unelected bodies such as the U.N. and the UNFCCC, the IPCC and its two sponsors, UNEP and WMO, which are accountable to none but themselves and are above the law.

The inexorable transfer of power and wealth from elected hands among the nations to supranational entities subject neither to any electorate nor to any court, the de facto immunity of the classe politique and its protégés from prosecution even for outright scientific fraud, the supplanting of libertarian Confucianism by bureaucratic-centralist legalism, the growth everywhere of predatory government, the replacement of religion by furious environmentalist zealotry, the long hangover from Soviet-era maskirovka and desinformatsiya, the State near-monopsony of climate research, the globalization of groupthink, the glamorous allure of noble-cause corruption, the druidical pietism of politicians in search of an issue, the coalescence of powerful financial vested interests around canting profiteers of doom, the tendency of lobby groups toward extremism, the instinctual étatisme of academe, and the excitable incuriosity of the press briefly and expensively conspired to promote a pandemic of purposeless panic.

Even with all these powerfully interlocking factors running in Their favor, They could not keep the climate scare alive. Future historians will be baffled that They allowed Themselves to be taken in by Their own often childish propaganda. Rejoice, for John Kerry’s silly speech is Their instrument of abject surrender to the truth They had for so long sought to deny.

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