Michael Savage

“I dreamed I went for Chinese food with Barack Obama,” Savage told his audience. “I got to ask him all the questions Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t ask.”

Dr. Savage added, “I’m such an idealist that I believe President Obama will get this message. If he can meet with Bill O’Reilly, he can meet with the most honest talk show host in America.

“Would you like me to clear the air, to end the mistrust in this country?” Savage asked. “Of course you would” (Free audio).

Savage repeated his prediction that America was headed for civil war, saying: “As I stand here (and I pray to God I’m wrong) this evil administration is plotting something so terrible, it’s almost unimaginable. … Why did they buy another hundred million hollow point bullets this week? What is Obama planning to do to you?” (Free audio)

Rush Limbaugh

For two days in a row, Limbaugh took to the airwaves to denounce Obama’s “lawless” actions.

On Wednesday afternoon, Limbaugh addressed the news that companies would now be required to swear to the Internal Revenue Service that they weren’t hiring or firing employees based on the impact they thought the Affordable Care Act might have on their bottom line.

“This is absolutely lawless,” Limbaugh declared. “It is against the law. … They cannot turn staffing decisions into crimes, and this is exactly what they’re doing.”

Limbaugh didn’t mince words: “This is way beyond a banana republic now. This is Stalinism.”

What’s more, Limbaugh speculated that Obama might even refuse to leave office in 2017. While it’s true that the Constitution limits presidents to two terms, Limbaugh reminded listeners that Obama had already gotten away with violating American law, including the Constitution, repeatedly.

Aaron Klein

Brace yourselves: There’s another IRS scandal coming down the pipe. Aaron Klein reveals the shocking identity of one of the agency’s “trusted partners” in charge of deciding which nonprofits qualify for tax-exempt status.

Klein also talks to esteemed author Phyllis Chesler, who made headlines when she was targeted by TSA for reading a Jewish newspaper at the airport. Also, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton joins Klein to talk about the status of Iran’s nuclear program – and his (possible) 2016 campaign for president (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Levin announced that he would keynote a fifth-anniversary celebration of the tea party on Feb. 27.

“The tea party, which consists of millions of hard working taxpayers, is to be celebrated not condemned,” Levin said in his announcement. “The ruling class must be trounced, and its media cheerleaders must be exposed if the republic is to survive. The tea party is our only hope. It’s a great honor to be asked to speak to such outstanding and courageous patriots.”

On the air, Levin called the “clean” debt-ceiling hike “dirty as hell.” The Republicans who voted for this, he said, are siding with “the corporatists” over ordinary Americans who will get saddled with all the negative fallout from this decision (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham compared Republicans’ constant acquiescence to Obama’s plans to “spousal abuse.”

She mocked Paul Ryan’s insistence that “enforcement mechanisms” would be part of immigration reform.

“It’s going to be different this time,” Ingraham said, mimicking Ryan.

“It’s not going to be different,” she said. “They are abusers! The administration, led by Barack Obama, are abusers of our Constitution. And just when you think that maybe they’re going to see that [Obamacare] isn’t working, this is hurting our health-care system, they abuse the Constitution once again.”

Also this week, Ingraham talked to Tim Aker about the success of England’s “fringe” UKIP party and whether it was time for America to embrace a third party alternative (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck’s crew threw him a surprise 50th birthday party on the air. His wife presented Beck with a 1958 Chevrolet Apache truck, just like Beck’s grandfather once owned.

The rest of the program played out “This is Your Life” style, with former colleagues and old friends coming on to wish Beck the best (Free video).

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