WASHINGTON — The congresswoman sees America as a miracle.

It was a miracle the ragtag, underfed and underfunded Revolutionary Army could beat Great Britain, the strongest military power on Earth.

And it was a miracle that a fragile democracy, the only one of its kind in the world, would go on to become the greatest military and economic force the world has ever known.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., said, however, there is a simple explanation.

Americans didn’t make a king our sovereign. We didn’t make government our sovereign. We made God our sovereign.

WND asked Bachmann to explain why the founders believed God blessed America, because she is hosting “Washington: A Man of Prayer, 2014″ on May 7 in the U.S. Capitol.

The congresswoman said God blessed America because the founders recognized the strength of our nation wasn’t dependent upon themselves, their education, their status or their wealth. It is dependent upon the hand of an almighty and sovereign God.


The founders believed, she said, that just as God blessed the children of Israel, that “if we humbled ourselves, if we bowed our hearts and our heads before holy God, then God would hear from heaven. And if we confessed our sins before God, He would hear that confession, forgive this land and He would build it up.”

The founders, Bachmann told WND, “knew their own efforts would not be enough to bring about this nation. They knew it had to be dependent upon Him.”

President George Washington believed that the fate of the new country rested in its citizens’ fidelity to God. That is why he dedicated America to God.

“Washington: A Man of Prayer, 2014″ commemorates the events of April 30, 1789, when, after being sworn in at Federal Hall, President Washington, accompanied by Congress, proceeded to St. Paul’s Chapel where, as one of his first official acts, the president offered a prayer of dedication to God on America’s behalf.


"The Prayer at Valley Forge" by Arnold Friberg

Now in its third year, the event is the brainchild of Dan Cummins, pastor of Bridlewood Church in Bullard, Texas.

Bachmann will host, Mike Huckabee will emcee, and some of America’s most principled public servants will commemorate the 225th inaugural anniversary of President George Washington, with members of Congress and national Christian leaders honoring the first U.S. president as a man of Christian faith.

Several lawmakers will offer prayers on behalf of the nation, our president and his Cabinet, the Supreme Court and its justices and members of Congress.

Sign up here to watch the webcast of “Washington: A Man of Prayer” from the U.S. Capitol on May 7, 2014 at 7:30 EST. You can be there virtually and experience the history-in-the-making, the camaraderie, the inspiration and the prayers, just by signing up on this page for FREE.

Even President Thomas Jefferson, the man who coined the expression “separation of church and state,” saw a vital need for the worship of God within the very halls of Congress.

He signed a law allowing the U.S. Capitol to be used for weekly Christian church services, which he attended.

Those services were held in the very chamber where the House of Representatives met from 1807 to 1857, now called Statuary Hall, which is where “Washington: A Man of Prayer” will be held on May 7.

Bachmann reflected how, when the founders drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, “the No. 1 document they consulted was the Holy Bible because they understood wisdom and understanding would come from Scripture. They understood how King Solomon, the wisest man in the world, looked to Scripture and Holy God for understanding.”

She noted how when Solomon prayed, it wasn’t for riches and it wasn’t for long life.

“His prayer was that he would be given godly wisdom and godly understanding to lead a nation. Our founders did likewise.”

The congresswoman described it as a simple formula: When a nation adopts the standards of the Bible, there is success.

“And that’s why” she told WND, “going forward, if we are (to continue) to be blessed, we need to recognize what has worked in the past, which is recognizing the sovereign hand of a holy God.”

“We can’t just live off the past. We have to continue to renew those timeless truths for the next generation. We need to be those shoulders for the next generation.”

And the key to securing God’s blessings for the next generation of Americans? Humility.

“As Abraham Lincoln said, do we think we are the ones who secured this (national greatness) for ourselves? How foolish! How arrogant we would be!” marveled Bachmann.

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Cummins calls this year’s celebration of “Washington: A Man of Prayer, 2014″ on May 7, now in its third consecutive year, “a historic first” because, even though the event is exclusively for members of Congress, churches around the world will be able to watch on a global webcast and join in offering prayers for our nations and its leaders.

The event will be broadcast globally by the Daystar Television Network, with WorldNetDaily Films and CBN News providing the satellite feed from Statuary Hall.


Statuary Hall

Churches can register online to host the webcast during their Wednesday midweek services at “Washington: A Man of Prayer.”

In addition to Bachmann and Huckabee, those attending “Washington: A Man of Prayer, 2014” will include Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas; Mike Lee, R-Utah; Ron Johnson, R-Wisc.; and Reps. Louie Gohmert,R-Texas; Steve King, R-Iowa; Steve Stockman, R-Texas; Mike McIntyre, D-N.C.; Kristi Noem, R-S.D.; Corrine Brown, D-Fla.; Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan.; Jeff Miller, R-Fla.; Diane Black, R-Tenn.; Steve Womack, R-Ark.; and Chris Stewart, R-Utah; Jim Bridenstine R-Okla.; John Mica R-Fla., and others will be in attendance.

As a bipartisan event, invitations have been sent to all 535 members of the 113th Congress.

Chaplains of the House and Senate, Fr. Patrick Conroy and the Rev. Barry Black will also participate. The United States Marine Band will also perform.

Christian leaders participating include the program director for the event, Dr. Jim Garlow, as well as Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., Dr. Robert Jeffress, Phyllis Schlafly, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Star Parker, Penny Nance, Dr. Peter Lillback, Bill Federer, Bishop Angel Nunez, Rosemary Schindler Garlow, Charmaine Yoest, Sergio De La Mora, Tony Perkins, Samuel Rodriguez and Rafael Cruz (father of Sen. Ted Cruz.)

Downloadable promotional materials are available “Washington: A Man of Prayer” website. Also, free school curriculum (K-12) on the historical events surrounding the inauguration of President George Washington has been provided by the Brook Hill School of Bullard, Texas.

WND will run a preview piece on “Washington: A Man of Prayer, 2014” every week during the 10 weeks leading up to the event on May 7.

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