Bloody assaults on our liberty going too far

By Gina Loudon

Two major things have happened this month that ought to have Americans putting down the remote controls and trading in their ball tickets for some prepper items!

Most Americans probably have little awareness of these bloody assaults on their liberty. Those who do know probably have no idea why they should be upset.

President Obama is selling out American sovereignty at every turn. He did it with unilateral missile disarmament and his constant bent to fix our Constitution, which he believes is the problem. He does it with the constant reverence for international law, of himself, and all his judicial appointees. He did it when he canceled the space shuttle program and made America dependent on Russia for trip to the American … err International Space Station. His most glaring violation of American sovereignty may be his agreement to simply give away American control of the Internet to the “global community.” What troubles me the most right now is that U.S. taxpayers have no choice but to pay $71 million to send an American astronaut to space in a clunker Russian spaceship called Soyuz!

As Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto put it, “The country that conquered the stars and ruled the world … reduced to thumbing rides to get into space … but this isn’t stuff. This is our soul.”

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A couple of questions for the stiff-lipped statists with white gloves quietly applauding this oh so global delight: Who can you really trust? And when it comes to the Internet, how do you know that when you increase the greasy fingers meddling in your online life, that more fingers don’t increase corruption and decrease efficiency?

Free markets and private ownership work, and that’s why the American founders chose them. When you make it “global,” with appointees farther removed from the people, you inevitably remove accountability and increase corruption.

The travesty is that we Americans actually did build the Internet! (No, not you, Al! You only built the fraudulent green movement hysteria.) Even Bill Clinton said giving away control of the Internet was idiotic. We have the strongest tradition of free speech in the world. You can kiss that goodbye, Internet lovers!

We can’t say we weren’t warned about all this trickery. Our first clue was when Obama instructed the director of NASA that his goal was no longer space travel, but rather the goal of NASA was to go make friends with Muslims. The former director of NASA, Michael Griffen, called this directive “deeply flawed.”

The Obama administration policy of “spreading the wealth around” has reduced U.S. sovereign economic dominance. We have spent ourselves so crazy that we are giving up the store and then having a garage sale! Heaping on more and more national debt exacerbates everything, but it works perfectly for those who hate us.

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Some people might argue that this isn’t sinister, that this is just the world going more global and the U.S. doing its part for globalism. It is hard to imagine that the American leaders sitting idly by while Putin beats his chest and exercises totalitarian muscle over Ukraine are sinister. They are just lazy. But the people in charge of dismantling our liberty and our superpower status in the world are very intentional in their actions. Make no mistake, we are witnessing the systematic dismantling of the United States. Putin takes territory by force and Obama threatens to yank visas from a few diplomats. Putin yawns. The American people had better wake up!

Imagine Putin being in power in Russia, and saying, “You know, Russia really isn’t that great.  See that Peterhof over there? You didn’t build that! See that St. Basil’s Cathedral there? You didn’t build that!”

When donkeys fly! He would never do that. But that is precisely what Obama and Holder and the rest have done. The sickest part of it all is that Obama knows America really is No. 1. He just doesn’t like it.

The reality is that America has an unprecedented military power in the history of the world and could take over the world should she chose to. But America never has done that because America is good. No matter how irritating those who take our foreign aid and then blow up our ships get, America exercises restraint. No matter how annoying little dictators with big egos are in their threats, America exercises restraint. America is exceptional, but Obama doesn’t like it.

So now Obama is handing the global community the ability to control our speech, and our technological advances. The international body will have the ability to control us by controlling our speech, and we handed it to them. What are we getting in return?

This may be the most historic outrage in the history of this country, if not the world, and it happened while they entertained us with bread and circuses. 

If the country doesn’t wake up and find a way to throw these colluders with terrorists – these traitors – out of office, it will be too late. It may be time for us to seriously consider our options, very seriously.

History will record the truth. The next entity to control the Internet, space and nuclear technology will not be so good as the Americans, who have controlled it since its birth. It cannot be, because no republic shares our bedrock foundations of free speech and individual liberty. America is founded on principles that are reverent, grace-filled and believe the best in people, and for people. What will the Internet look like when it is controlled by people who believe the state comes first?

America is exceptional. I won’t hide from that fact. And what is great about America is that we are good, not as fallen, sinning individuals but as a nation founded, “One Nation Under God,” “a republic … if we can keep it.”

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