Does midterm election mean anything?

By Joseph Farah

The midterm election is shaping up to be a historical benchmark, according to all the polls.

Now the question is being asked: “So what? What does it mean? Won’t Barack Obama continue ruling and reigning for two more years without regard to constitutional restraints? Won’t he keep issuing executive orders? Won’t he veto any efforts to overturn Obamacare? And will Republicans be more likely to stand up and begin acting like a real opposition party if they control both houses of Congress? Why would we expect them to act any differently with both houses of Congress than when they controlled one?”

These are all good questions.

I won’t lie to you.

Just because Republicans are elected in big numbers, take control of the Senate and increase their control of the House doesn’t necessarily guarantee a turn in the direction of the country.

As important as which party runs Congress is the question of who the House and Senate elect as leaders, as we have learned since the 2010 midterm.

For instance, if Mitch McConnell is running the Senate in 2015 and a John Boehner-type, a la Eric Cantor, is presiding over the House, next year won’t be much different than this year. What that means is that it’s not just a matters of numbers, it’s a matter of the quality, commitment and character of those Republicans we elect.

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Let me remind you what House Republicans could have done with control of one house of Congress since 2011:

  • They could have dried up the money Obama had to spend by opposing any increase in the debt limit. Since it requires approval of both houses of Congress to provide additional borrowing power, this action alone could have begun returning America to something resembling constitutionally limited government – overnight.
  • They could have used their subpoena power to launch aggressive investigations of Obama scandals including, but not limited to, the political abuse of the Internal Revenue Service, the debacle in Benghazi, attempts to abridge First Amendment liberties by spying on reporters and placing government agents in newsrooms to monitor how stories are written, the misuse of executive orders to subvert the power of Congress and turn the executive branch into a legislative body and the manifold lies knowingly told to the public to influence the outcome of two presidential elections.
  • Failing that, they could have at least used the debt limit as a bargaining chip to demand significant cuts in spending and elimination of programs that are patently unconstitutional.
  • They could have impeached Obama.

But, of course, Republicans in the House, under the leadership of John Boehner and Eric Cantor, did none of those things.

They didn’t even try.

Instead, they acted as an enabling, codependent, impotent pack of toothless paper tigers who not only betrayed those who empowered them but actually warred with them.

So, is there any expectation things will change in 2015 if and when Republicans win control of both houses of Congress?

Not unless Republican voters are selective in whom they nominate to run for seats up for grabs.

Those decisions won’t be made in November. Those decisions are being made now. Some of them – too many really – have already been made.

The time to mobilize, then, to take America back is not next fall. It’s right now. That is the central thesis of a new book called “Takeover” by conservative founding father Richard Viguerie, a political genius instrumental in the presidential sweeps of Ronald Reagan and one of my personal political and marketing mentors.

Viguerie doesn’t just tell us what the objective is. His book is a guide to achieving it. No one better understands that establishment Republicans are not the solution, they are the problem.

If there is one political book you read this year, make certain it is “Takeover” by Richard Viguerie.

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