NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. –  Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, got the “Beatlemania” treatment by the media today at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives in Washington.

After giving a speech to kick off the convention that brought the house down, Cruz was supposed to meet with members of the press in a small side room.

But demand for the GOP’s new rock star was so overwhelming, plans were changed on the fly, and the senator spoke to the media in a large hallway behind a security rope. Members of the media tripped and fell all over each other, pushing and shoving, trying to get close enough to lob a question at Cruz.

But WND’s Gina Loudon walked with Cruz to the press conference while surrounded by a horde of reporters and photographers, and managed to ask the senator a one-on-one question.

Loudon asked Cruz if he thought the GOP should take social issues out of the conversation in the upcoming elections.

The man many consider a likely GOP presidential candidate in 2016 said, “I don’t think the politicians get to decide what the people care about.”

Cruz said he doesn’t think anything is off the table, but, he cautioned, there are important problems to address first.

On the home front, he said it is imperative that the country get back on its feet economically.

And looking overseas, Cruz said America must reclaim its standing in the world.

In the impromptu press conference, Cruz took only two questions.

He criticized President Obama’s handling of the Ukraine crisis and America’s loss of prestige in the world.

Cruz also said he was just as concerned about the president’s failed economic agenda. The country is facing such a crisis, he said, it needs to change course both at home and abroad, and soon.

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