Horror in North Korea

By Les Kinsolving

Under the leadership of Australian Judge Michael Kirby, United Nations Human Right’s Council has produced a deeply disturbing and horrendously important 400-pager report on the human rights situation in North Korea.

Atrocities in North Korea have been previously reported in news reports, books and documentaries over a number of previous decades. But the new report, under the leadership of Judge Kirby, and based primarily on refugee testimony, is according to America’s Weekly Standard:

“[The new report] is perhaps the definitive account of the living hell that is life in North Korea – as well as the definitive indictment of the country’s ghastly, murderous regime. As the report explains, the Kim dynasty is guilty of ‘crimes of extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, rape, and persecution.’ …

“As one defector explained, ‘Your hands are handcuffed behind your back. And then they hang you so you would not be able to stand or sit [for up to four days]. There are no people watching you. There is nobody. And you can’t stand, you can’t sleep.

“‘If you are hung like that for three days, four days, you urinate, you defecate, you are totally dehydrated. …  [This torture] was the most painful of all tortures.  …  [It] was so painful that I felt it was better to die.'”

This North Korean horror should have been Page 1 and prime-time throughout the world. But I am not aware that was ever the case.

That such absolutely sadistic creatures are in charge of a government that says it’s armed with nuclear bombs is horrendous.

Fortunately the fact that the United States and some of her allies are also armed with nuclear bombs – and much more so than North Korea – has apparently deterred the North Koreans from nuclear warfare, so far.

But how long this deterrence will last illustrates our enormously important need for a really effective intelligence service – as well as our armed forces’ ability to retaliate immediately should North Korea use any of its H-bombs against any other nation.

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