“Historically, peoples and nations that fought and opposed the people and land of Israel were destroyed. Tyrants like Hitler or Stalin and others came to terrible ends!” states Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, president of Azamra in Jerusalem.

In Genesis 12:3, God states his blessing for those who bless His people and His land as well as the curse for those who go against His people. This curse has played out through time from the extinct Philistines to the destruction of Nazi Germany.

Focus on Israel asks, if America demands Israel give up land for peace, will it suffer the same curse as previous empires who have done so?

In this revealing episode, host Laurie Cardoza-Moore dissects the powerful “Genesis Curse” through ancient history to today. Is it mere coincidence that some of the most horrific disasters in U.S. history – such as the “Perfect Storm” of 1991, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the deadly tornados of 2011 – occurred as American foreign policy turned against Israel? By pushing Israel toward a suicidal “two-state solution,” America has betrayed Israel and the Jewish people.

Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum comments from Jerusalem, “In the book of Genesis, God is teaching humanity that those who are associated with the mission of Abraham to bring the knowledge of God to all humanity through the ways of peace and hospitality and loving kindness will receive the blessing of Abraham. And those who don’t will be in a dark place.”

Mike Moore a successful international businessman further states, “If there’s a God in heaven that actually controls life on this planet, He has made some pretty bold statements about His people! God is not finished with the nation of Israel. God made some promises to them.”

As individuals, we are also given the choice to curse or bless Israel and the Jewish people. Learn more about the “The Genesis Curse” in this episode:

FOCUS ON ISRAEL: 'I will curse those who curse thee'

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