An abortion business operator has surrendered his Maryland medical license rather than face more investigation and possible punishment for failing to meet an acceptable standard of care for his patients.

The closure of the Annapolis Road Medical Center, which was run by abortionist Mehrdad Aalai, comes amid a series of reports about the decline in the American abortion industry.

It was the American Life League that pointed out despite getting $542 million from taxpayers last year, the number of Planned Parenthood clinics dropped to a 40-year low. And the annual report compiled by Operation Rescue said that nationwide, 87 abortion locations discontinued offering surgical abortions last year.

Now a letter from Aalai, a copy of which was obtained by Operation Rescue, announced he is surrendering his medical license in Maryland because of an investigation into his failure to comply with probationary conditions from an earlier investigation.

He was charged with “failing to meet appropriate standards for the delivery of quality medical care,” he said.

“I have decided to surrender my license to practice as a physician in the state of Maryland as I plan to retire from the practice of medicine because of my age and present health, and I wish to avoid further investigation and prosecution for violating the Medical Practice Act and the terms and conditions of the board’s final order,” he wrote.

He admits that if the case against him were to proceed, it would find evidence of his failures.

“I acknowledge that for all purposes relevant to medical licensure, those charges will be treated as if proven and constitute findings that I violated [the law],” he wrote.

Operation Rescue said it checked out the reports of Aalai’s closure and obtained confirmation via a telephone call.

“I no longer do abortion. They close my clinic,” he said.

OR said it had lodged formal complaints about Aalai’s operations and documented that his difficulties date to 1994 when he pleaded guilty to Medicaid fraud and his license was revoked.

State officials, however, reinstated his license with conditions in 1996, which Operation Rescue said led to the abysmal treatment of a woman known only as “Patient A” in medical documentation.

OR reported Aalai mishandled an abortion, and the patient, on the way home, was found to be soaked in blood.

The patient’s mother, driving her home, stopped and told her daughter to clean herself up.

Listen to OR’s conversation with Aalai:

“When Patient A did not return to the car, her mother went to the bathroom and discovered her slumped over the toilet with blood everywhere,” OR reported. “Her mother called 911. When the paramedics arrived, they were shocked at what they saw. Because the scene was so bloody, they called police, thinking that Patient A had tried to give herself an abortion in that gas station restroom. Once police arrived and discovered the truth, Patient A was transported to a local hospital shortly before midnight where she was found to be in hemorrhagic shock from massive blood loss.”

OR later alleged that Aalai was operating an abortion clinic without a license.

“Why this guy was allowed to conduct an abortion business illegally is beyond us. His clinic should have been shut down months ago,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “However, it appears our complaints applied the final pressure that prompted him to finally call it quits.”

According to ALL, in 2013, Planned Parenthood reported 342 facilities conducting surgical and/or medical abortions. Of those, 170 facilities offered both services while 168 offered medical abortions but not surgical. Four clinics reported offering only surgical abortions.

From Operation Rescue came the report, “Death Throws of the Death Industry,” that said the number of surgical abortion clinics in the U.S. was 582, down from a high in 1991 of 2,176.

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