NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – The “Queen of Conservatism” is deeply concerned about the damage President Obama has caused, but she told WND how she believes the country can be saved.

WND’s Dr. Gina Loudon spoke with Phyllis Schlafly at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives just outside Washington, D.C.

Loudon referred to the constitutional lawyer, conservative activist, author and founder of the Eagle Forum as her hero and mentor.

Schlafly looked back at history to pinpoint how conservatives can win the future.

She noted that conservatives have not only faced difficult times before, but were so severely depressed after Barry Goldwater lost his campaign for president in 1964, they thought their movement was dead.

But then came President Ronald Reagan.

Then, another depression.

Looking at this cycle of victory and depression, Schlafly appeared upbeat about where conservatives stand now.

“I think we’ve have shown the grassroots can rise up and take over the party, which I think is the best vehicle for saving our county.”

She called a third party for conservatives disaffected with establishment Republicans “a waste of time and a dead-end road.”

The tireless conservative activist seemed uplifted by the rise of the tea parties.

“These grassroots have rallied before and beaten the establishment and they can do it again,” Schlafly declared.

When Loudon asked how the GOP can take back the White House in 2016, Schlafly said it was vitally important to take back the Senate this year, emphasizing that it was imperative that Obama not be allowed to make another appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, should another vacancy appear.

What else must the GOP do?

“Run a better candidate,” Schlafly flatly stated.

The scourge of the radical feminist movement, Schlafly implored women to get involved, saying, “If you want to save the country, do it in a political way. We’re not a banana republic, I hope.”

The woman who almost single-handedly defeated the Equal Rights Amendment sounded like a true champion for women, telling WND, “I think women are capable of doing whatever they want to do.

“It’s so unfortunate that the feminists teach women to be unhappy and teach them they are an oppressed class of people, oppressed by the patriarchy. And that’s not so.

“American women can do what they want, and my life has sort of proved it.”

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