Rock legend Ted Nugent is giving away an AR-15 rifle to help Tom Tancredo get elected governor of Colorado.

Rock legend Ted Nugent is gunning for victory for Tom Tancredo in the race for Colorado governor, and the two have teamed up to give away an AR-15 rifle.

In an e-mail message addressed to “Real Americans,” Nugent takes aim at both President Obama and those on the political left for targeting the right to bear arms.

“Barack Obama and his radical America-hating leftist goons are perilously close to taking away our guns and nullifying the Second Amendment,” Nugent writes.

“We all better wake up and fight back together before it’s too late! And I need you to join me — so I’m willing to give you some incentive … How would you like a brand new AR-15 for free?”

Nugent then names names in what he believes is an assault on the Second Amendment.

“Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, and John Hickenlooper want nothing more than to ban the AR-15 rifle — and all of our guns. Thankfully, there are a few Second Amendment champions left, like Tom Tancredo, who we can count on to the lead the fight to protect our guns and all of our constitutional liberties.”

“We can’t let the clowns in some ‘we the sheeple’ governor’s mansions and in the White House succeed in shredding our constitution and take away our guns,” Nugent said.

His email provides a link to the entry form.

Tancredo, a former Republican congressman from Colorado, echoed Nugent’s sentiments about political leftists, saying, “If they succeed, we’ll all be stuck with sippy-cups and water-pistols.”

Regarding the giveaway of the gun, Tancredo added, “If you’re against freedom or don’t want it, then don’t enter the contest.”

The contest ends this Friday, March 21.

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