One of the most laughable stories coming out of the Conservative Political Action Conference, aka CPAC, was the hullabaloo about the “Stockman Party.”

Rep. Steve Stockman is the Texas congressman who draws attention from mainstream media reporters the way flies buzz around horse manure. Stockman launched a quirky, some would say ill-fated campaign against Karl Rove’s buddy Sen. John Cornyn, the reigning RINO of Texas politics.

I had a chance to interview Stockman extensively after he launched his race. Many were shocked I could reach him because the Associated Press was reporting he was missing. The AP story was so miserably researched, it reported he was missing despite his being on a Committee on Foreign Affairs trip studying emerging threats in the Middle East. He actually gave a news conference in Egypt around the time the missing story was published that was attended by none other than the AP.

The Houston Chronicle, like so many mainstream newspapers around the country, is quick to publish any story negative about a tea-party leader; they don’t bother to check the basic facts. The Chronicle published numerous stories that would be considered libel if Stockman weren’t a public figure.

But getting back to the party, the Washington Post characterized it this way: “The real-life CPAC party, held at a suite in the Gaylord Hotel where the conference was taking place, featured an expletive-spewing congressman, Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, offering $20 to whoever would jump into the bathroom’s hot tub, according to Slate’s Dave Weigel. Weigel witnessed Stockman, the quirky challenger who was just crushed by Sen. John Cornyn in the state’s Senate Republican primary, offer this eloquent toast: ‘F–- the left!'”

First, Stockman wasn’t drinking alcohol at the party. The hot tub was outside and not in a bathroom. Everyone in the hot tub had bathing suits on. This is just another mainstream media hit job that fabricated facts.

I was able to understand why Stockman launched his Senate race because I did a novel thing. I asked him. In fact, I posted a dozen videos of the interview on Youtube and wrote about other parts of the interview.

But now I want to give you the exclusive “rest of the story.”

Stockman never cared about the perks of Congress. He isn’t obsessed by the power like so many of the little people that populate the GOP caucus on the hill. He was frustrated by a do-nothing Boehner and pathetic leaders obsessed with protecting their jobs, damn the country.

Instead Stockman did exactly what he set out to achieve. He knew Karl Rove was intent on taking him out in his congressional primary, so he upped the ante and forced Rove to spend millions protecting his crown jewel, John Cornyn.

Cornyn has been a Rove lackey from way back. Rove uses him for information and access.

I am not sure how many millions Rove had to spend, but I know it was multiple millions, maybe as much as $10 million through all the independent committees he had trashing Stockman.

The real story is that Rove won’t have the money he spent against Steve to spend against tea-party candidates all over the country in upcoming primaries.

Rove’s two biggest donors, Harold Simmons and Bob Perry, passed away in the past year, and Rove is a spender.

The real truth is Steve Stockman has done more for tea-party challengers than they will ever understand.

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