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U.S. 'not insisting PA recognize Jewish Israel'

(TIMES OF ISRAEL) — Israel’s demand to be recognized as a Jewish state by the Palestinian Authority may be a secondary issue in the eyes of the Obama administration, a Palestinian daily claimed Saturday. But the “quotation” it cited to back up this claim could not be independently confirmed.

The Jerusalem-based Al-Quds claimed that State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki, answering questions from its reporter, suggested that within the context of any final agreement between the two parties, Palestinian recognition of Israel may not play a critical role.

“Our position is that Israel is a Jewish state, but it is not necessary for the two sides to agree on this in the final agreement,” al-Quds quoted Psaki as saying, according to an English translation of an Arabic transcript of her quote. ”Negotiations have not been concluded yet. The negotiations are not about what’s important for the United States, but about what is important to both sides and their priorities.”