Ansar Muhammad

Ansar Muhammad was cooling his heels Wednesday in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County jail after an outburst of “Islamic belief” that allegedly included punching and strangling his wife, sexually assaulting her and threatening to kill her.

Muhammad, 43, was arguing with his spouse about her having an affair when he “picked the victim up, carrying her like a baby and put her in their vehicle against her will.” He drove to the rear of a nearby Walgreens store and “began to assault the victim by punching her multiple times, leaving physical injuries on her face, neck, back, chest and legs.”

According to the wife, Muhammad told her “Islamic law” gave him the right to kill her, reported KSAZ News in Phoenix.

Muhammed drove the victim back to their home, threatening to throw her in the lake. She does not swim. She escaped to a neighbor’s home while Muhammad slept.

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Muhammad’s alleged crime did not happen in a vacuum.

WND reported this week Ibrahim Hooper, point man for the Council on American-Islamic Relation’s campaign to cancel screenings of “Honor Diaries,” a film documenting Islamic abuse of women, is also point man for CAIR’s distribution of tens of thousands of copies of misogynistic books instructing Muslim men to, among other things, “beat” their wives.

WND has learned Hooper, national communications director and official spokesman for the Washington-based group, prominently displays in his Washington office at least one of the Islamic books that instructs Muslim men to strike their wives and to have sex with them whenever they desire. It is part of his personal library, and he is known to routinely refer to the book. He even proudly shows it to visitors.

Hooper recently appeared on Fox News to denounce “Honor Diaries” as an “Islamophobic” smear, while claiming to defend equal rights for Muslim women.

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