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Bundy supporter: Reid 'promising us all civil war'

While the confrontation at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch has cooled down several degrees, the rhetoric has not.

A video has emerged of a speech given by Mike Vanderboegh, Alabama leader of the Three Percenters, a militia group, to those still gathered at the ranch last week.

The Three Percenters take their name from the number of colonists the group believes fought against the British during the Revolutionary War. Vanderboegh has been a frequent and outspoken critic of the Justice Department over the Fast and Furious scandal.

“All over this country, we are still staring civil war in its bloody face,” Vanderboegh said.

Sen. Harry Reid, Vanderboegh charged, “is promising us all civil war on a vast scale, because state-sponsored violence is they only way they can win an argument with free people, especially free people who are armed and who are willing to use those arms in defense of liberty.”

Shortly after heavily armed Bureau of Land Management police backed off from their plan to confiscate Bundy’s cattle grazing on federal land, Reid blasted Bundy’s supporters as “domestic terrorists” and Bundy himself as a “hateful racist,” promising that the dispute was “not over.”

Referencing the legendary story of Jenny Brooks whose sons were killed by armed agents collecting taxes for the Confederate government, Vanderboegh pulled out a skull. Mrs. Brook’s place in history was secured by her revenge killings of two of the agents, turning one of their skulls into a soap dish.

Vanderboegh declared he would present his skull to Reid as the “2014 Award for Incitement to Civil War.”

“I will send it as a reminder with the message, ‘Don’t poke the wolverine with a sharp stick, Harry, unless you want your balls ripped off.'”

Federal law enforcement officials announced Monday they are investigating a growing number of threats made against Reid.