Tuesday of last week, astute observers of politics were treated to an object lesson in the elitism and unbridled audacity of those ostensibly governing us in the form of Attorney General Eric Holder’s heated exchange with Rep. Louis Gohmert during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. The next day, Holder, apparently still smarting from the exchange, whined to an audience at the opening day of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) Conference in New York City about the shabby treatment he and our poor excuse for a president have received from Republicans in Congress.

Holder’s intimation at the NAN conference was that this is due to Republicans’ racism, but later denied that this is what he’d been trying to say. Of course the damage had been done; the press, Democratic politicos and career civil-rights hustlers came out in force to blast Republicans for their racist tendencies.

This week, we are witnessing more of the same elitism and unbridled audacity, though in a different vein, from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In the aftermath of federal agents withdrawing from the Nevada property of rancher Cliven Bundy, Reid commented to students at the University of Nevada that “… it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

Rancher Bundy has been involved in a decades-long dispute with the federal government over his cattle’s grazing rights. His family has been grazing their cattle on public lands since the late 1800s, but Bundy claims that increasingly onerous regulations and fee structures imposed by the federal government have forced some 57 ranchers in the county out of business in recent years.

Now, it’s common knowledge that Bundy has been battling the federal government over this issue for a long time. It is also true that the federal government has owned the disputed land since before Nevada joined the Union, and that the 1934 Taylor Grazing Act empowered the federal government to regulate grazing on public lands. There were also subsequent federal and local provisions enacted that place Bundy in a legally compromising position, including a 2013 court ruling against him.

While it is technically accurate that Bundy is subject to the laws in question, this is no different than asserting that German citizens in 1942 were under a legal obligation to turn their Jewish neighbors over to the Gestapo. When you have a government that compromises, subverts, then finally ignores the rule of law, it effectively becomes a criminal enterprise, quod erat demonstrandum. The laws that such a government makes cannot be deemed “legal” nor enforceable except through further criminal activity, usually oppressive, fascistic methods. This is true whether such a government executes these measures over decades (such as ours has done), or mere weeks (as was the case in Nazi Germany).

Which brings us back to Harry Reid. Like Eric Holder, this putrescent little tin god believes that since the government has managed to get away with its onerous regulation, unconstitutional legislation and nefarious machinations for so long, statutes advanced using these methods are legally sound by default. Sort of like engaging in theft and then claiming that “possession is nine-tenths of the law.”

Well, that’s fascism, incremental and cleverly executed though it might be. From fiat regulatory organizations that have no legal authority, created at the stroke of an executive’s pen, to the countless unconstitutional laws that have gone unchallenged over the years, as I said last week in this space, it is the American people who have allowed this to manifest through their civic indolence.

In any case, I would be interested in how Reid views his statement regarding not allowing Americans to “violate the law and then just walk away from it” in the context of his unprecedented changing of Senate rules to facilitate the expeditious confirmation of questionable Obama nominees. Or how about the Senate majority leader having violated Senate ethics rules by using his official website to attack libertarian campaign donors Charles and David Koch?

The agenda of this flaccid, geriatric little toady is extremely transparent as regards the Bundy cattle issue. Reid and his son were both involved in a deal with the Communist Chinese-owned ENN Energy Group to build a $5 billion solar farm in Nevada. The son, Rory Reid, works for a Las Vegas law firm that represents ENN. Finally, Neil Kornze, Reid’s former senior policy adviser, is the new head of the Bureau of Land Management, which targeted Cliven Bundy.

It has been reported that the ENN deal ultimately fell through and that the proposed solar farm was over 100 miles away from the disputed land tract in any case. My sources say otherwise: that in fact the plan for this facility is still in the works, that the Chinese/Reid-sponsored energy designs for the southwest U.S. are far more expansive than a single solar panel farm in Nevada, and that the so-called abandonment of this venture was merely a “strategic de-escalation” of efforts in order to defray suspicion and mitigate public scrutiny.

Sound familiar?

All of this has been sanctioned by the Obama administration, which, as widely reported, is involved in numerous economically compromising, shady land deals with the People’s Republic of China, as well as advancing energy projects and policies that stand to waste billions in taxpayer funds, enrich political cronies and – in a cruel ironic twist – detrimentally impact the very environment the administration and its political allies claim they’re trying to preserve.

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