Federal employees are being told by a new guidebook released under the Obama administration that supervisors and coworkers need to use the pronoun for a worker that the worker picks, not necessarily that which reflects their gender, and failure to do that could “create a risk of harm to the employee.”

The stunning guidance arrived as part of the “Office of Personnel Management diversity guidebook, which, in a fashion similar to the controversial “school bathroom bill” in California, allows workers to choose which restroom facility they will use, men’s or women’s, without documentation of their medical procedures.

It’s just the latest advance in the transgender agenda adopted by the Obama administration, which on Friday prompted a powerful legal team that advocates for traditional marriage values to conclude, “Move over sonograms: you can no longer determine if it is a boy or a girl, according to the secularists in the White House who believe that sex is only determined by subjective belief, not biology.”

That word comes from officials with Liberty Counsel, whose chairman, Mathew Staver, said, “The Obama administration is secularizing America and destroying morality and common sense. Immorality is being exalted while religious liberty is being extinguished.”

The Obama administration already has championed abortion, same-sex “marriage” and homosexual promotions, all of which find obstacles in the Judeo-Christian standards on which the nation was founded.

Staver’s organization Friday warned that because of Obama’s new office rules for federal employees, they no longer can “expect privacy in the workplace restroom or locker room.”

The guidelines note that referring to a man who represents himself as a woman as “he” is a problem.

“Continued intentional misuse of the employee’s new name and pronouns, and reference to the employee’s former gender by managers, supervisors, or coworkers may undermine the employee’s therapeutic treatment, and is contrary to the goal of treating transitioning employees with dignity and respect,” the rule book says. “Such misuse may also breach the employee’s privacy, and may create a risk of harm to the employee.”

Regarding restrooms, locker rooms and the like, employees must choose which they will use.

“Agencies should allow access to restrooms and (if provided to other employees) locker room facilities consistent with his or her gender identity. … Transitioning employees should not be required to have undergone or to provide proof of any particular medical procedure (including gender reassignment surgery) in order to have access to facilities designated for use by a particular gender,” the rule book explains.

The goal, the rule book states, is to “treat all of its employees with dignity and respect and to provide a workplace that is free from discrimination whether that discrimination is based on race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity or pregnancy), national origin, disability, political affiliation, marital status, membership in an employee organization, age, sexual orientation, or other non-merit factors.”

Staver noted that Obama’s political cadre has been unable to pass the changes, known in Congress as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, through the democratic process, so they are imposing them by arbitrary rules.

“Despite repeated attempts, Congress has not passed ENDA because including accommodations for gender-confused adults in these types of laws and regulations violates privacy, degrades morality, and censors free speech,” Staver said.

“When morality erodes, the economy suffers,” Staver pointed out. “This new guideline is the next step towards American taxpayers paying for invasive plastic surgeries and medical treatments to make a person look like the opposite sex.”

“The Obama administration has crossed over the threshold of the absurd. Obama’s policies are destructive. The next president will need to clean house to rid the While House and the federal agencies of Obama’s leftover destruction,” said Staver.

It previously was reported that the U.S. Justice Department had begun training law enforcement officers on how to better understand and help the “transgender community.”

Tony West, an associate AG, explained, “It’s clear that such training is as necessary as it is overdue.”

WND also reported that a controversial ex-surgeon general, fired by President Bill Clinton after recommending children be taught how to masturbate, released a report advocating the incorporation of transgendered people into the U.S. military, and contending that a 40 percent attempted suicide rate and 43 percent burden of “additional psychiatric diagnoses” constitute no reason to exclude them from America’s armed forces.

The report comes from the Palm Center at San Francisco State University, a sex issues-oriented think tank, and concludes that as people understand more now today about sexual deviation, there “is no compelling medical reason” for the U.S. military to bar transgenders.

The study also suggests Barack Obama could bypass Congress and order the change himself.

Joycelyn Elders, who helped lead the study team, served only a brief period as the U.S. surgeon general under President Clinton and created multiple controversies with her sexually charged recommendations.

She ultimately was fired for saying at a conference about masturbation, “I think that is something that is a part of human sexuality, and it’s a part of something that perhaps should be taught. But we’ve not even taught our children the very basics. And I feel that we have tried ignorance for a very long time, and it’s time we try education.”

It also has been reported that because of special accommodations for transgendered students, kids in the New York school district could end up sleeping in the same hotel rooms as members of the opposite sex while they are on field trips.

The biggest transgender dispute, however, which still is ongoing, is the school bathroom issue in Califarnia. Lawmakers there adopted a bill allowing students, without proof or diagnosis, to pick which restroom and locker room facility they will use.

The fight in court still is going on, with the state being sued for arbitrarily deciding to disqualify tens of thousands of voter signatures on a petition that would have put the law on the ballot for voters in the fall.

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