Speaking at the Heritage Foundation on April 11, famed political strategist Richard Viguerie said that the Constitution is no longer preeminent for Republicans and Democrats.

“The Democrat Party entirely has come unhinged from the Constitution. Most of our Republican leaders are unhinged,” he said.

Viguerie said it’s likely that whatever issue crosses the desks of congressional leaders, the Constitution doesn’t factor into decision-making.

“Can you just imagine Republican and Democrat leaders of Congress analyzing something – this farm bill, is this constitutional, is this tariff constitutional, is this legislation… does it pass constitutional muster? It’s highly unlikely that the thought ever crosses their minds.”

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Viguerie was speaking at the Heritage Foundation as part of the launch of his new book,
in which he outlines strategies for the GOP to wrest control of Congress from Democrats.

Viguerie acknowledged the emergence of the tea party, in his remarks, titled, “The Role of the Constitution in the 2014 and 2016 Elections,” emphasizing that a return to core principles is necessary for America to return to greatness.

“It’s one of the things that has launched the tea party – their faithfulness to the Constitution. Too many people in politics have forgotten about it.”

Viguerie, considered one of the key architects of Ronald Reagan’s path to the White House, wrote “Takeover” as a manifesto, urging voters to study the traits that politicians must possess to properly govern. In “Takeover,” he writes:

“The power of the tea party movement is that it is unfettered to the old ways of doing things and the old leaders of the Republican establishment. Limited government constitutional conservatives believe in principles, not just political power. What a tremendous improvement.”

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