Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is going to have to answer for Benghazi, and the issue should “haunt” her on the campaign trail if she runs for president, declared former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton in a radio interview Sunday.

Speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s AM 970 The Answer, Bolton was asked whether he thinks Benghazi will be a campaign issue for Clinton if she runs in 2016.

Bolton replied: “It should haunt her because it represents a massive failure of American policy. And not just on the day of September 11, the day of the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans. But the failure of the policy that led up to it.

“The unwillingness to recognize that the global war on terrorism is still very real. The failure to take adequate precautions. The failure to understand the security situation in Libya … .”

Bolton asserted the “lesson of Benghazi that Secretary Clinton is going to have to address is that in the Obama administration and while she was secretary, you could kill the president’s personal representative in a country and get away with it scot-free.”

“That’s what she is going to have to answer,” he added.

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