Kalyn Thompson

With the large number of teachers having sex with their students across America, it was virtually inevitable a case would arise where a student’s grades might be affected.

Now an Oklahoma English teacher is in hot water for giving a failing student an A+ after allegedly having sex with the male teenager multiple times.

Kalyn Darby Thompson, 25, of Glenpool, Oklahoma, had not even completed a full year of instruction at Kellyville High School when she turned herself in to authorities in mid-April.

She’s now facing a charge of second-degree rape.

“This will follow her for the rest of her career,” Creek County Detective Chrissie Underwood told KOTV. “She probably will not have a career in teaching after this.”

See KOTV’s report on Thompson’s arrest:

Police say the relationship may have started through text messages in December, and pictures taken from a cell phone are reportedly what exposed the shenanigans.

The high-school principal told Underwood the teacher and student had been exchanging texts “of a sexual nature.”

Thompson allegedly started texting with her student when he was 17.

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“There was talk about getting high, grades, that sort of things,” Underwood told KOTV.

Then the relationship turned sexual in March of this year, when the boy turned 18.

The student’s mother reportedly told police the teen admitted to having sex with his teacher at Heyburn Lake in Creek County and again at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa.

“She [Thompson] was asked not to contact him, not to have any contact with him outside of school, and she still did,” Underwood said.

The detective indicated two Kellyville students saw and photographed Thompson sitting in the teenager’s truck off campus, and notified school officials.

“Which is mandatory in their position, they have to contact us, so they did everything they were supposed to do,” Underwood told the station.

See KJRH-TV’s report on Thompson’s arrest:

She said despite the fact the student had reached the typical age of consent of 18, the teacher is in a position of authority, thus making it illegal to have sex with a student. State law says teacher-student relationships are not considered consensual unless the student is at least 20 years old.

“It’s sad because they’re vulnerable to it and obviously he’s getting a good grade from it,” said Underwood.

According to the arrest report, the teen had been failing English last semester, but his current grade-point-average was 98 percent.

Text messages between the two have also been recovered by police, with some not only sexual, but mentioning “getting high” and school grades.

“You send your kids to small-town schools thinking they’re going to get a better education because there’s more one-on-one,” parent Michael Sullivan told KJRH-TV. “You don’t expect to hear about a teacher messing with a student.”

Thompson is now out jail, after her bail was set at $35,000.

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