Good riddance to the dying ‘mainstream’ media

By Lord Monckton

It is a measure of the collapsing authority of Congress that, although it voted to slap an IRS employee over the wrist for refusing to provide its investigators with details of how a rogue group of inadequately supervised IRS officials had abused their power by targeting non-left political action committees for purely partisan reasons, it was unwilling to park her in the calabozo for a spell to discourage her and her evil colleagues from further corrupt behavior.

Mr Boehner has said, “Dear me! Tut tut! My oh my! This really won’t do! Take five demerits and see me after class!” And that is all.

The Lois Lerner affair is a paradigm of the now-instinctual immorality of the hard left and of the growing weakness demonstrated by the once-powerful institutions of democracy in the face of a pernicious, hate-filled totalitarianism that is now global in its reach and cost.

However, if you are not a regular reader of WND, you may never have been made aware that Congress has just taken the rare step of citing a defalcating official in contempt for having refused to answer the legitimate questions of the elected representatives of the people.

For the so-called “mainstream” news media increasingly refuse to report any fact, however interesting, if that fact in any way casts doubt upon the totalitarianism they have long and furtively championed.

Everyone hates the IRS, and no news editor could plausibly argue that the news that there is very good reason to hate the IRS is not of interest to the public the media nominally serve. Yet if you came across any mention of the decision of Congress to hold Ms. Lerner in contempt, you will have been lucky.

For the left cover up for their own. The first duty of your average Marxist journalist (and that means most of them) is to report the news in a way that furthers the global spread of a single narrow, outdated political prejudice. Increasingly, that means not reporting the news at all.

Consider the question of the Obama “birth certificate.” On any view, this is an interesting story. An experienced, credible and much-decorated sheriff has published detailed and compelling evidence raising grave questions about the authenticity of several documents related to the identity of the occupant of the White House, and one of these documents remains on the White House website to this day.

Yet most news media have never subjected the “birth certificate” to scrutiny. Indeed, remarkably few have even been willing to admit that there is an investigation at all, still less to provide any reasonably detailed or factual account of its progress.

And a growing number of news media are now refusing to print any comments or letters to the editor on climate change, if those letters in any way call into question the official version of the science, even though 17 years 9 months without global warming cast more than a little doubt on its reliability. The only point of view permitted is the enviro-left viewpoint.

This refusal of the “mainstream” media to do their job by giving the voters fair and balanced information that at least explains both sides of the argument is of course a menace to democracy. For the voters get nearly all of their information about politics and economics from the mainstream media.

If they are only being given those facts that support the political prejudices of journalists, and are no longer given any contrary facts even if they are entirely undeniable and plainly relevant, how can the voters be expected to make sensible, informed decisions?

But the real threat that arises from the sullen prejudice of most “mainstream” news media is to those news media themselves. The print media will be the first to fail. For they are now so near-uniformly biased that almost no one now regards them as useful. Their circulations are plummeting, and with good reason. People buy newspapers so as to be informed of what is happening, not to be told only half the facts.

Even the British, once the most avid consumers of newsprint in the world, are falling out of love with their carefully ironed daily newspaper over the bacon and eggs. Interestingly, the far-left rags are losing circulation fastest. Some, such as the Guardian and the “Independent,” have become self-caricatures, as has the BBC.

Some of this decline in print and electronic media is accounted for by the rise of the Internet. Much of it, however, is attributable first and foremost to a systemic political prejudice that is simply no longer tolerable to the readers.

We can hope, therefore, that eventually the voters will become so disenchanted at the failure of many news media to give both sides of the story that they will drive the totalitarian wing of the legacy media altogether out of business.

That will be a very good thing. In the meantime, the non-left, liberty-loving, democratic-minded news media should be prepared to raise their game.

Why, for instance, has Fox News not dared to tackle the birth-certificate question in any depth. The reason is that, though it is generally fair and balanced, it is no longer unafraid. The intolerance of the left knows no bounds. They did not like Glenn Beck’s exposure of the ACORN scandal, so they hounded him and bullied his advertisers till he was forced out.

Everyone else at Fox is now running scared. The standard Saul Alinsky tactic of viciously and persistently attacking the reputations of any who dare to oppose the left works all too well.

The tea-party movement would justify its existence if it were now to establish a 24-hour TV news channel sufficiently independent of its advertisers and staffed by sufficiently tough-minded journalists that the bully-boys and Obots would be unable to frighten as they have frightened Fox.

Either way, the mainstream media to which much of my career was devoted are now doomed. And, given their culpable failure to do the basic job of a news medium, which is to publish all the news that’s fit to print, good riddance to the lot of them. I am ashamed of my former profession.

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