In an era in which seemingly normal people suddenly snap and commit horrific crimes, we must look beyond secular explanations and consider alternative sources for evil, says a top-selling writer and pastor.

Karl Payne, the author of “Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance,” says the New Testament depiction of the spirit realm is the only sensible explanation for the evil being unleashed on society.

“I believe Ephesians 2:2 is accurate,” Payne told WND. “Matthew 4. Romans 1 says we are on a trajectory that is running down. Morally and ethically, the longer humanity is apart from God, we see more and more horrendous decisions.”

Karl Payne

Payne, with a Doctorate of Ministry from Western Seminary in Portland, Ore., has seen the fruits of his book in several ways. Leadership Journal listed Payne’s article, “Removing Demonic Oppression,” No. 3 on its 2012 Top 10 most-viewed articles. Such exposure and feedback has become commonplace for the pastor and founder of Transferable Cross Training Foundation.

“I was shocked by the Leadership Journal listing, because historically Christianity Today and Leadership Journal are on the same paths of the people who come from my theological persuasion,” says Payne. “In the past, many of my colleagues would roll their eyes when the supernatural was discussed.”

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Payne’s book is now considered a “go-to” resource for pastors and apologetics teachers who are scrambling to answer questions about the explosion of demonic manifestations and oppression. Suddenly, seminaries across the country are calling Karl Payne.

“I’m being asked to speak at Trinity, last month I spoke at Talbot. Liberty has contacted me, and Multnomah School of the Bible has asked me to speak there. When I was in school, seminaries wouldn’t have touched this topic. Now these same groups are saying, “You need to get us up-to-speed!”

Payne is also asked frequently about “haunted houses” and efforts to rid such homes of malevolent spirits. He believes such activity is real.

“If somebody asks me, have I dealt with people who were living in houses where demonic activity was going on … and demons were made to leave, the answer is yes. There is nothing spooky or spectacular about that.”

Payne says a momentous future event is already stirring the spirit realm.

“As we get to closer to the return of Christ, the New Testament tells us we will see more chaos. Kids going in and shooting people, cyber bullying, people just doing all sorts of cruel things.”

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